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Enterprise Goods & Services Customer Utility Board

Meeting Schedule & Materials

Unless rescheduled, EGS CUB meetings will occur on the third Wednesday of each month.


09-16-2015 Agenda ​​10 a.m. - noon
Somerville Bldg, Large Conference Room
775 Court St. NE, Salem​
08-19-2015 Agenda ​10 a.m. - noon
Somerville Bldg, Large Conference Room
775 Court St. NE, Salem​
07-15-2015 Agenda ​10 a.m. - noon
Somerville Bldg, Large Conference Room
775 Court St. NE, Salem​
06-17-2015 Agenda ​​​10 a.m. - noon
Somerville Bldg, Large Conference Room
775 Court St. NE, Salem​
05-20-2015 Agenda ​​10 a.m. - noon
Somerville Bldg, Large Conference Room
775 Court St. NE, Salem​
04-15-2015 Agenda ​10 a.m. - noon
Somerville Bldg, Large Conference Room
775 Court St. NE, Salem​
03-18-2015 Agenda ​10 a.m. - noon
Somerville Bldg, Large Conference Room
775 Court St. NE, Salem​
02-18-2015 Agenda ​​​ - Meeting Cancelled - Materials​​
01-21-2015 Agenda ​10 - 11:45 a.m.
Somerville Bldg, Large Conference Room
775 Court St. NE, Salem
​Scheduled meetings: Materials Archive

07-15-2015    08-19-2015    09-16-2015    10-21-2015    11-18-2015    12-16-2015

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News & Alerts

Rate-settingRate-setting activity started this past summer. CUB members broke into two different rate groups, each in charge of reviewing current methodologies and providing recommendations for 2015-17 rates for various programs:
  • Group A: Procurement Services and Risk Management rates.
  • Group B: Financial Business Systems, Shared Financial Services and Publishing and Distribution rates.
All customer agencies, not just agencies with customer board representatives, are encouraged to participate in the 2015-17 rate-setting work that is currently underway.
  • Guests are welcome at any subgroup meeting where representatives analyze rates and prepare recommendations to the EGS CUB.  If you are interested in attending an upcoming subgroup meeting, contact Dagny George (NOTE: Rate-setting work for the Risk Management program started on October 8th, and will begin on October 24th for Publishing and Distribution).
  • Attend the November or December CUB meetings to hear subgroup recommendations about rates and share your opinions with the CUB. The November CUB meeting will include review and approval of subgroup recommendations for significant changes to existing rate methodologies for Procurement Services, including new rates for agency specific contract work and for ORPIN vendors, and new methodologies for the allocation of ORPIN support costs to state agency users. It is expected that the review and approval of Risk Management and Publishing and Distribution rates will occur at the December CUB meeting.
Service Level Agreements
After eight months of work, the EGS CUB in September unanimously approved the final Service Level Agreement document for Publishing and Distribution (P&D). This SLA describes P&D's services, and identifies metrics and service level performance targets, established jointly between DAS and its customers, to track program performance in the service delivery areas that matter most to customers.
P&D will publish quarterly performance reports comparing actual performance data against the performance targets agreed upon for each metric. Quarterly reports will include other information such as a description of any performance complaints received in the previous quarter. The first quarterly performance report is scheduled to be published in December 2013.
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Rate Information

Visit the rate development page for information related to 2015-17 rates: http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CUB/Pages/egs/ratedev.aspx.  ​

Current Price List for Enterprise Goods & Services (pdf)

Charges and user fees published here as included in the Price List of Goods and Services, are aimed at providing state agencies with a starting point for developing 2013-15 agency budgets. According to the budgeting instructions defined by the Office of the CFO, Price List information should be used by each agency to calculate Essential Package 031 and to estimate the cost of policy packages. Price List charges and user fees are subject to change as the budget requests of DAS and other contributing agencies may be altered during the development of the Governor’s Recommended Budget and the Legislatively Adopted Budget. ​

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Service Level Agreements

Overview >>

Financial Business Systems - Service Level Agreement4/15/2015
Procurement Services - Service Level Agreement11/19/2014
Publishing and Distribution - Service Level Agreement V 1.111/19/2014
Risk Management - Service Level Agreement3/19/2014
Shared Financial Services - Service Level Agreement4/15/2015


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Performance Reports

 Overview >>
collapse Quarter : 2015 Q1. January - March ‎(5)
2015 Q1 Procurement SLA Quarterly Performance Report
2015 Q1 Shared Financial Services Quarterly Performance Report
2015Q1 Financial Business Systems Quarterly Performance Report
2015Q1 Publishing and Distribution SLA Quarterly Performance Report
2015Q1 Risk SLA Quarterly Performance Report
collapse Quarter : 2014 Q4. October - December  ‎(3)
2014Q4 Procurement SLA Quarterly Performance Report
2014Q4 Publishing and Distribution SLA Quarterly Performance Report
2014Q4 Risk SLA Quarterly Performance Report
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If you have questions regarding the CUB, please feel free to contact any CUB member.
Ray Brixey, ChairDepartment of CorrectionsRay.L.Brixey@state.or.us
Bob Baxter, Vice-chairJudicial DepartmentRobert.A.Baxter@state.or.us
Ron BersinGovernment Ethics CommissionRon.A.Bersin@oregon.gov
Victoria Chamberlain Teacher Standards and Practices CommissionVictoria.Chamberlain@oregon.gov
Merle LindseyLiquor Control Commission Merle.Lindsey@state.or.us
Sean McCormickMilitarySean.M.McCormick@state.or.us
Shawn WaiteOregon Youth AuthorityShawn.Waite@state.or.us
Cyndi WickhamDepartment of State LandsCyndi.Wickham@state.or.us
Terrence WoodsDepartment of RevenueTerrence.Woods@state.or.us
Tracy WroblewskiOregon Department of TransportationTracy.D.Wroblewski@state.or.us
Caleb YantOregon Housing & Community ServicesCaleb.Yant@oregon.gov


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More about this Service Enterprise

Enterprise Goods and Services (EGS) is comprised of the following programs:

  • Shared Financial Services provides accounting support for DAS, and accounting and budgeting support for approximately 30 client agencies. 
  • Financial Business Systems is responsible for the statewide payroll system, the statewide financial system and the datamart. 
  • Procurement Services provides statewide buying and strategic procurement services; administers purchasing and contracting rules; and provides procurement training.
  • Publishing & Distribution provides copying, digital and traditional printing, and a full suite of mail processing, interagency and on-call delivery services. 
  • Risk Management manages liability and property claims involving state insurance coverage and workers' compensation coverage of state employees.  

To learn more about EGS, visit Enterprise Goods & Services.​

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