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Welcome to the Risk Consultation Unit


The Risk Consultation Unit works with agency executives, key managers, Safety Advisors and Risk Coordinators to help them establish effective safety and risk management systems within their agencies. These systems are designed to enable agencies to:
  • Identify real and potential risks
  • Analyze those risks
  • Mitigate risk exposures (through the development of loss control programs) 
The Risk Consultants primarily focus on exposures covered by the self-insurance fund. This minimizes public funds diverted to pay for loss. By addressing risks associated with employee injury, tort liability and property assets, the Risk Consultation Unit assists agencies in maximizing funds for operations and services. 

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Major Program Areas

  • Employee Injury Risk
    Services are delivered to Oregonians through the knowledgeable, skilled employees who comprise state government’s workforce. Injury to employees is an operational risk with associated significant financial impacts. An employee injury disrupts operations and services, creates workers’ compensation costs, and results in soft, non-insured costs that can drain agency operating budgets.
  • State-owned Property Protection
    State property assets are a significant investment of public dollars. State property includes buildings, equipment, supplies and vehicles, all essential to provide services.
  • Avoiding Harm to Third Parties and Employment Practice Liability
    State agencies provide a wide variety of services to citizens and visitors. When an error occurs that causes harm and results in damages, the state´s self-insurance fund is tapped to pay for investigation, defense and resolution.
The Risk Consultation Unit Consultants are available to help agencies identify, analyze and mitigate their loss exposures. This includes:
  • Using past experiences to identify system breakdowns that resulted in harm.
  • Applying an Incident Analysis process to identify all causes of the events that led to the harm.
  • Utilizing a Risk Assessment process to identify exposures, quantify the risk and choose appropriate risk control techniques.

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Primary Roles

The Risk Consultant provides advice to key managers on preventing and managing work caused injury and illness among state employees. This consultant’s major duties include:
The Risk Consultant's core responsibilities center around DAS RM’s role to protect state-owned assets and minimize lose to the state’s self-insurance fund. This includes:
  • Assist state agencies in identifying known and potential risks, review loss control measures, research and advise agencies on potential loss control techniques for their risk control programs.
  • Review of the Annual Risk Report (See Conditions for Payment, Property Self-Insurance Policy Manual) to identify adverse risks and advise agencies on implementation of risk control programs.
  • Analyze loss data and complaints, claims and suits to assess statewide risks and identify areas for improvement.
  • Advise on state self-insurance coverage and commercial insurance options for state exposures.
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Risk Consultation Unit Activities

  • Establish statewide benchmarks, monitor and report on agency performance.
  • Issue the state´s self-insurance policy manual and special agency endorsements. 
  • Make loss data available to agencies enabling them to analyze and identify areas of loss, as well as, monitor effectiveness of risk mitigation and control.
  • Provide training and development of Agency Risk Coordinator and Safety Advisor staff  through:
    • Biennial Risk Seminar and the Loss Management in State Government workshop series.
    • New Risk Coordinator and Safety Advisor orientation.
    • Job Shadow at RM.
Contract liability is not covered by the state´s self-insurance fund.
The Risk Consultation Unit provides limited assistance in Contract Decision Making.

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Contact Us

Deb Bogart, 503-373-7233
Sr. Risk Consultant 

Marie Hansen-Wargnier, 503-378-5515
Risk Consultant 
Todd Scharff, 503-378-5525
Risk Consultant 

Luella Ackerson, 503-373-7003
Risk Analyst

Mary Nekuda, 503-373-1037
Risk Program Support 

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