HEM Frequently Asked Questions

Who are participants in the Health Engagement Model (HEM)?
Participants are PEBB principal subscribers and their covered spouse or domestic partners when the subscriber enrolls to participate in HEM during Open Enrollment and when both the subscriber and spouse or domestic partner complete their confidential online health assessment in their current plan during Open Enrollment.

What are requirements for participating in HEM
Participants need to take and track two health actions by the time they enroll in benefits during Open Enrollment for the next plan year.

What are the two health actions I need to take?
You choose your own health actions based on our personal health needs. Click here to see a list of options. These are only examples. You choose your health actions based on what you know about your health and health risks.

How do I track my two health actions?
Use whatever method works for you - some options include online trackers, a journal, a calendar, a notebook, a scheduler on your computer, an app on a smart phone. It's up to you.

How do I report my two health actions to PEBB?
There's no reporting required.

How will PEBB know if I took two health actions?
When you enroll for 2015 benefits during Open Enrollment, the process will include a question asking if you took and tracked two health actions as part of 2014 HEM. You can answer "yes" or "no."

If I'm overweight, do I have to try to lose weight as one of the health actions?
If you're overweight, you need to participate in a weight management program as one of your health actions (remember Weight Watchers is a covered benefit) or work with your health care provider to develop and follow a weight management program.

If I use tobacco, will I have to try to quit as one of the health actions?
If you use tobacco, you need to try to quit tobacco through a tobacco cessation program (remember Quit for Life is a covered benefit) or work with your health care provider to develop and follow a tobacco cessation program.