Child Safety Plan

Department of Human Services Legislative Reports

Find the reports that are required by the Department of Human Services to submit to the Oregon Legislature.

Indian Child Welfare Act Final Rule-25 CFR Part 23 Summary of Key Provisions

Find the June 14, 2016 Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) comprehensive regulations for the substantive legal requirements of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) in the Federal Register.

Oregon Revised Statutes

The ORS is published every two years. Each edition incorporates all laws, and changes to laws, enacted by the Legislative Assembly through the odd-numbered year regular session referenced in the volume titles for that edition. DHS Child Welfare focuses on ORS 417, ORS 418 and ORS 419B.

SB 1515 Ensuring Children are Safe

Find more about SB 1515 from the 2016 legislative session, Informational Webinar, What to Expect in an Investigation, CCA Reporting Requirements, SB 1515 Fact Sheet, Reporting on Child Safety and Well-being in Child Caring Agencies, SB 1515 Rules, DHS SB 1515 Contacts, and Communications on SB 1515.

Rules and Policy for Child Welfare

Find Proposed Rules, recent Rule Releases, Rule Advisory Committee Meetings, Temporary Rules and Implementation information.