Child Safety Plan

teen-group.jpgChildren and youth with complex needs often are involved in two or more systems, such as corrections, mental health or developmental disabilities. The continuum of care project includes Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) and DHS Child Welfare (CW) and Intellectual & Development Disabilities Program (IDD). The project team will work to:

  • Create a state government structure that works to make sure placements and services are available to children and youth based on their needs
  • Align policies and procedures across state agencies
  • Focus on child safety
  • Improve state agency coordination 
Building the Continuum of Care One-Pager
Charter (FINAL), 2/15/2018
Workgroup Members List
Timeline (April 2018)

Status Update

Project Health:  On Schedule

Status: Executing


Project Manager Email:
Angela Leet Policy and System Integration Manager, DHS Director's Office​