Child Safety Plan

Find information on DHS Child Welfare’s five programs for helping youth achieve independence, Where to Begin, Service and Eligibility Requirements, Chafee Education and Training Grant (ETG), Independent Living Housing Subsidy Program, and Chafee Housing.
Find information about DHS Independent Living Program partners with various youth organizations and communities that provide opportunities that assist youth who are or were in foster care to become independent adults. is a national network for young people in foster care. It provides young people in foster care an opportunity to connect and gain support from their peers.
Find information for youth aging out of Oregon’s foster care system that ensures that foster youth will have access to higher education. Site includes Federal Assistance, State Assistance, and other helpful links related to education.
Find information about a national survey to see how young people are doing as they transition out of the foster care system. NYTD can help states understand which services are beneficial to youth as they transition out of foster care and how youth are doing once they are out on their own.