Child Safety Plan

24/7 foster parent support line that provides Oregon-specific advice, referrals and crisis intervention to foster families, especially when DHS offices are closed.
Find how to adopt a child from Foster Care, See some of Oregon’s waiting children, Adoption Training, Adoption Assistance Handbook, Adoption Resources, Interstate Compact for Placement  of Children (ICPC), Non-Departmental (Private) Adoptions, Adoption Publications and Data Reports, Voluntary Adoption Registry and Adoption Contact Information.
Find information on Kinship/Relative Care, Preparing kids in your home for Fostering, and Permanency Planning for Children in Foster Care.
Find information on supports for children with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities,​ eligibility for services, how to apply, Individual Support Plan and Services for Children with IDD Brochure.
This is the DHS Foster Care home page. Find information about how to become a Foster Parent, what is Foster Care, Types of Foster Care and information on other Foster Care Programs.
Find information on foster parent and relative caregiver training and certification, how to become a foster parent, Foster Parent Orientation, Relatives and Parents Resources Guide, Legal Guide for Grandparents/Relatives Raising Children, Rules, policies and protocols, payment rates, articles and insight about being a foster parent or relative caregiver, Bill of Rights & Ethics, and Oregon Foster Youth Connection Prudent Parent video.
Foster parents and relative caregivers in Oregon are required to complete training to fulfill certification and renewal requirements. Find Foundations Training, Renewal Training, and additional Training Resources.
Find a list of trainings in any county.
Each certified adult in a foster parent or relative caregiver home is required to have 30 hours of training each two year certification cycle.
Find a list of contacts by county.
Oregon foster parents now can get the guidance they need, when they need it, from trained experts through the new Foster Parent Support Line. Line is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
Find information on Foster Parent Lending Library, FosterClub, Free State Park Entry, Oregon Foster parent Association (OFPA), Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center (OPARC), and Oregon R.I.S.E. Center (Respect, Inspire, Support and Educate).
Find out how to apply, application process and certification training.
Find guidelines to assist those involved in child custody proceedings in understanding and uniformly applying the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and U.S. Department of Interior Regulations.
Find information on American Indian and Alaska Native children in state child welfare systems and the importance of remaining connected to their families, cultures, and communities.
Find more about who CPS responds to, screening, safety plans, prosecution, multi-disciplinary teams, and types of CPS training.
This handbook is meant to be a quick reference for OYA Foster Parents.
Find information about payment to the foster parent or relative caregiver for the cost of providing the child or young adult with food, clothing, housing, personal incidentals, and transportation.
Find mandatory reporting of abuse and neglect, psychotropic medication management, and Foster Care Payments for Child or Young Adult Living with a Certified Family or Living Independently.
What you need to know about a child Protective Service Assessment (PDF-DHS 1536& DHS 1536A Only counties with DR)