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We’ve come a long way...

In the beginning HispNet was created more than 20 years ago for Hispanic Self Sufficiency workers to network, focus on policies and learn how to best serve the Hispanic immigrant population.

Now, the Hispanic Network's mission and goals have evolved over time. HispNet is no longer exclusively for Hispanic and Self Sufficiency employees. We are open to all who want to expand their knowledge and resources so we can deliver more effective and culturally appropriate services.

"HispNet’s common goal is to continually improve services for clients, as well as to increase knowledge of available resources and policies for state employees that serve the population."-- Oscar Herrera​​

HispNet's mission

The Hispanic Network’s mission is to equalize the quality of services for Hispanic clients and the staff serving them.

Hispanic Network Charter

Hispanic Network Goals​​

Resources and events

​​​​​​​​​HispNet Brochure

2016 HispNet Work Group Activities and Accomplishments

​Get involved

Join the Hispanic Network in promoting equal services for Hispanic clients and staff and increasing cultural awareness. 

Check out HispNet if you want to:
  • Advocate for the interests of Hispanic clients and staff
  • Grow as a leader
  • Increase cultural awareness of Hispanic peoples and issues within and outside of state agencies
  • Be a part of a group with representatives from each state agency in order to give a voice to the issues related to Hispanics within their organizations
  • Connect and build relationships with community partners and people from different parts of the state