About DHS

Leah Horner

DHS Legislative Director
Work: 503-508-6915
Email: Leah.C.Horner@state.or.us

Soren Metzger

DHS Senior Legislative Policy Analyst for ODDS and VR
Work: 503-277-9602
Email: Soren.k.metzger@state.or.us

Cynthia Stinson

DHS Senior Legislative Policy Analyst for APD and SSP
Work: 503-508-5990
Email: Cynthia.J.Stinson@state.or.us

Nicole Stapp
DHS Legislative Policy Analyst for Shared/Central Services, OEMS, Tribal Affairs
Work: 971-719-0123
Email: Nicole.stapp@state.or.us

Chelsey Herrmann

DHS Legislative Assistant
Work: 503-586-6672
: Chelsey.M.Herrmann@state.or.us

Reyna Aguiar
Session Staff
Work: 503-983-6214
Email: Reyna.k.aguiar@state.or.us​

Patty O'Sullivan
Session Staff
Work: 503-580-0630
Email: Patricia.osullivan@state.or.us​​