DV Advisory Groups

The council is comprised of members from DHS, OHA and community members who work to address domestic violence within their communities.

Our Sponsors

  • Marie Cervantes, OAPPI director
  • Lois Day, Office of Child Welfare Manager

Our Officers

  • Deborah Holton, Co-chair, API Training and Development
  • Stephanie Hoskins, Co-chair, Co-located Advocates program,
    Child Welfare and Self-Sufficiency Programs Operations office

Administrative Support

  • Anya Ivanov, Child Welfare

Our Members

Community Partners

  • Carolyn Acevedo, Martas House
  • Sarah Berkemeier, Home Forward
  • Rebecca Nickels, Portland Women’s Crisis Line
  • Meg Wills, Impact Northwest

Department of Human Services

  • Brian Cook, Self-Sufficiency
  • Chantell Geels, Adult Protective Services
  • Joe Gulmatico, Self-Sufficiency
  • Rishona Hinsee, TADVS
  • Therese Hutchinson, OAPPI
  • Megan Lintner, CW/SSP District 5
  • Kim Needham, CW/SSP District 14
  • Cheryl O’Neill, Child Protective Services
  • Amber Wade, Self-Sufficiency

Oregon Health Authority

  • Julie McFarlane, Maternal and Child Health Manager
  • Jody Anderson, OHA Immunizations

DHS|OHA Shared Services

  • Lauri Stewart, HR Policy and Communications