The RCSP is a public/private partnership between Oregon's Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Refugee Resettlement Agencies (RRAs) to provide refugee services. The Refugee Resettlement Agencies provide case services for up to eight months after the refugees' U.S. arrival.

RCSP Services to newly arrived refugees include:

  • Case services for a period of eight months after U.S. arrival
  • Coordination with Refugee Resettlement Agencies services
  • Case management services such as: helping refugees obtain a Social Security card and DMV identification, opening a bank account, paying rent and utility bills, enrolling children in school and referring them for a health screening, and assistance with other emergent needs.
  • A series of orientation sessions to address such issues as budgeting, housing, health care, and family law in the United States.
  • A referral to self-sufficiency programs administered by IRCO.