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Independent Living Program

​​​​​​​For many youth aging out of Oregon's foster care system, support is not always easy to find.

Nationally, more than 20,000 young people transition out of foster care every year. Often times with little to no family support, foster youth are left on their own to know how to navigate life outside of the foster care system. Below are some resources available to help current and former foster youth.

General Information
Casey Life Skills (CLS) is an online assessment tool that helps you build a checklist of skills and strengths and identify steps that will bring you closer to achieving your goals.

Savings Account Information Flyer

Health Care
Former Foster Care Youth (FFCY) Medical Program
Effective January 1, 2014, the FFCY Medical program provides medical coverage (equivalent to OHP Plus) to youth aging out of Oregon State or Tribal foster care at age 18 or older. Coverage will end on a young adult's 26th birthday. Additional information provided in the links below.

FFCY Medical Program One-Page Flyer

FFCY Medical Program FAQs

FFCY Medical IM (caseworkers only)

Health Care
Letter regarding Choosing a Health Care Representative.
​Poster listing the 21 things everyone should have when exiting foster care.
Dedicated Outreach Representative
ODHS partners with FosterClub to provide a person who can conduct outreach to current and former foster youth. The Dedicated Outreach Representative will be contacting youth to let them know about new resources, touch base on any needs they may have, and follow-up with any youth who may need to take the NYTD Survey. Sign up for a FosterClub membership.​
FosterClub is the national network for young people in foster care. FosterClub helps open the way for young people to transform their lives and provides a forum to raise their voice. Members engage with peers and regain control over their situation through support, skill building and healing opportunities.​
Free tool designed to encourage life-long, kin-like connections between a young person and a supportive adult.
This worksheet is a tool for communicating the expectations and guidelines. The best use of this tool is to clarify measureable and observable outcomes. This is meant to facilitate a discussion and is subject to periodic review. This agreement is voluntary and made in good faith for the purpose of maintaining safety and well-being in the home.
OFYC is a statewide, youth led, advocacy group of current and former foster youth between 14 - 25 years of age. OFYC is completely youth led, meaning youth members shape every aspect of what OFYC is, how it is structured, which policies to work on, and what activities to participate in.
2017 Youth Transition Planning and ILP Services Training Video
The ILP Training video provides an overview of what’s changing with youth transition planning and ILP services in Oregon starting in 2017. We explain the thinking behind these changes and describe who will be affected and when. Whether you’re a caseworker, supervisor, judge or CRB member, after watching this video, you will have some familiarity with what’s changing with transition planning and how these changes may affect your work.​

For questions regarding these changes, contact the Youth Transitions unit at​