Vocational Rehabilitation

VR welcomes student interns from Rehabilitation Counseling and related training programs.

Internships are offered ONLY for Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, Human Services Assistant/Counselor Assistant and, in some cases, Program Administration experiences. The focus of these internships is to assist Oregonians with Disabilities to obtain or maintain employment in their community. In order to apply for an internship with VR, complete the forms below and submit them, with a current resume and a copy of your transcript (unofficial transcripts are acceptable) to the address indicated on the Internship Application.

If you are looking for internship opportunities outside VR's focus, please visit the State of Oregon Internship page.

VR's internship placements are generally unpaid, however if funds are available, the Director's Stipend program may be accepting applications. The VR Internship Coordinator can provide you with information about your eligibility, funding availability and an application form if appropriate.

Director's Stipend awards are expected to be used to offset transportation and related costs of participating in an internship at VR. Receipt of an Administrator's Stipend does not constitute an employment relationship with VR, the Department of Human Services or the State of Oregon. ALL VR Internship applicants must complete the DHS Volunteer Program's orientation and application process IN ADDITION TO VR's internship application process. The VR Internship Coordinator will advise you how to contact the DHS Volunteer Program once your VR Internship Application Packet has been accepted.

To Apply

To be considered for an internship placement, please submit:

  • A current resume
  • A copy of your most recent university transcript (unofficial/web versions accepted)
  • A completed VR Internship Application

For more information about internship experiences with VR, please contact:

VR Internship Coordinator

  • Phone: 503-945-5880 or 1-877-277-0513
  • Fax: 503-947-5025​
  • Email: vr.info@state.or.us (Please put "Internship Request" in the subject line)
  • US Mail:
    • VR Internship Coordinator
    • 500 Summer Street NE, E-87
    • Salem, OR 97301