Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


In the fall of 2017, the Office of Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS) launched the Compass Project. Since then ODDS has been busy working with our partners to reorient our system. Our North Star is a focus on aligning our system with our person-centered core values. Part of this reorientation requires that ODDS make changes to the waivers, state plan (also known as K-Plan), Oregon administrative rules (OARs), and policies to meet our strategic goal of creating a system that is sustainable, easy to use, with effective communication and equitable access. Read more in our Strategic Plan.


One way that ODDS identified to make our system easier to use was to reorganize two of our 1915(c) waivers that Oregon’s I/DD services are governed by.

In the past, Oregon’s waivers were organized by the type of services that a person was getting and who provided their case management supports. When Oregon adopted the K-Plan this way of organizing no longer made sense and was confusing for people getting services.

As of July 1, 2018, the U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved our plan to reorganize our waivers. Now, Oregon has an Adult's Waiver and a Children’s Waiver. These changes won’t impact services today and will allow ODDS to tailor services to children and adults in the future.

Waiver and plan renewals and amendments open for comment​

ODDS is currently seeking public input on several waiver amendments. Instructions on how and when to comment is available in the news release.  The proposed waiver amendments with changes shown are online.

#0375 Adult HCBS Waiver, #40193 Medically Fragile Waiver, #40194 Behavioral Waiver, #0565 Medically Involved Waiver and #0117 Children’s HCBS Waiver amendment:

  • Adjust the Supported Employment - Individual Employment Support rate methodology.
  • No longer require a new initial level of care (LOC) when someone transitions from one Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID) LOC waiver to another waiver with the same LOC, when they have a current, valid ICF/IID LOC. 
  • Technical changes in Appendix B to keep Level of Care language consistent with the Children’s Waiver.
  • Allow the Direct Nursing Service in 24-hour residential group home settings. This includes adding a new provider type for Direct Nursing.
  • Add Host Homes as a CMS approved Home and Community Based setting.​


Oregon has also made changes 1915(k) State Plan, also known as the K-Plan, which have been approved by CMS. Now the Oregon Needs Assessment (ONA) can replace many of our tools that we use to do assessments of need, risk, and level of care. Having one assessment that is used for many things across all the services will make our system easier to use.


To support the changes that were made with the new Adult’s and Children’s Waivers and the K-Plan ODDS needed to make some changes to our rules. Read more about the rule changes that are effective July 1, 2018, APD-IM-18-057 Oregon Administrative Rule Temporary Changes.

Visit Adopted Administrative Rules for the current rules.


As ODDS continues to make changes to support our goals we will post the guidance published by ODDS here:
APD-PT-18-04310/19/2018Annual Functional Needs Assessment
APD-IM-18-07910/19/2018Oregon Needs Assessment (ONA) participation and follow up
APD-PT-18-0409/28/2018Oregon Needs Assessment Worker Guide
APD-AR-18-0499/7/2018Enhanced and Exceptional Process Update Corrected (replaces APD-IM-18-065)
APD-IM-18-0708/10/2018Not meeting Level of Care
APD-IM-18-0698/10/2018Enrollment with Eligibility in eXPRS
APD-PT-18-0286/28/2018Case Management activities and the ONA
APD-IM-18-0566/28/2018Expenditure Guidelines V.8
APD-IM-18-0576/28/2018Oregon Administrative Rule Temporary Changes
APD-AR-18-0426/27/2018New Level of Care form for Eligibility in eXPRS enrollment – Update June 2018
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