Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


The Community Housing Section (CHS) assists persons with developmental disabilities to live successfully in community housing that is affordable and safe and contributes to their independence and quality of life. CHS supports services to persons with developmental disabilities in the following ways:
  • Oversees the property management of homes developed for the former Fairview State Training Center residents.
  • Provides technical assistance to individuals, families, brokerages, and counties regarding housing issues faced by persons with developmental disabilities and best practices to implement solutions.

History, Services and Eligibility

Oregon's Housing Program for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

HISTORY: The housing program for persons with developmental disabilities has been an integral part of residential service delivery since the 1980's. It developed from the realization that safe and appropriate community homes provide a context for residential services that contributes reatly to success in community living.

Fairview State Training Center was an institution for persons with developmental disabilities that closed in 1999. At its height, more than 3,000 persons lived there. When Fairview was downsized and eventually closed, the Community Housing Section in partnership with private non-profit housing developers constructed or remodeled 200 homes to provide housing for those residents and persons misplaced in nursing homes. It was called the Community Integration Project (CIP). The homes were funded by general obligation bonds sold by Oregon Housing and Community Service Department and incorporate many specialized features.

When the Division assumed responsibility for DD children with intensive needs, the housing unit provided technical assistance, project management and funding for necessary adaptations to family homes in order to avoid out of home placement. During the last decade, the Housing Unit has also developed and adapted homes for children or adults in crisis due to sudden changes in support needs or living circumstances that required a move. More recently, the Housing Unit provides technical assistance to persons who qualify for services under the universal access agreement. 

SERVICES PROVIDED: The Community Housing Section allocates funds and provides oversight and technical assistance in order to develop, adapt and maintain safe and appropriate housing for children and adults with developmental disabilities that receive services funded and/or licensed by Seniors and People with Disabilities. The persons receiving services in Oregon live in a variety of settings. These include, among others, services to children living in family homes, adults and children in 24-hour licensed out of home services, foster care, and adults in apartments or private homes. Often, providing these services requires that housing be constructed, modified or adapted in order to meet the needs of persons and to assure that homes are safe and adapted to the unique needs of the persons who live there. In carrying out its responsibilities, the Community Housing Section: 

  • Manages the maintenance and repair program for 200 bond funded homes that provide housing for 946 persons with developmental disabilities receiving 24-hour support;

  • Provides technical assistance to families and support agencies regarding specialized home adaptations;

  • Develops hopes to meet critical client needs;

  • Manages and allocates funding for housing adaptations for adults and children with developmental disabilities receiving funded services.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Adults and children with developmental disabilities who are Oregon residents and are eligible for services funded by Seniors and People with Disabilities. Specific eligibility for housing assistance is determined by the statutes and rules governing specific programs.

POPULATION SERVED: Adults and children with developmental disabilities meeting eligibility requirements.

FUNDING SOURCE: State General Fund; Federal match (60/40) on Children Intensive In-home Services; income from sale of Fairview property.


Fairview Community Housing Trust


The Community Housing Section oversees a grant program for Oregon children and adults with developmental disabilities living in non-licensed homes. The Fairview community Housing Trust Fund application period is now open. The procedures and application form have been revised and are available here:

Community Integration Program.

  • Homes constructed or purchased and remodeled for the residents of Fairview State Training Center during the downsizing and closure of that institution as required by the federal government;
  • Two hundred homes developed from 1989-1999 providing safe and affordable housing for approximately 950 persons with developmental disabilities;
  • Homes are located around the state, primarily in the Willamette Valley corridor (84%);
  • Specialized features and architectural designs have been emulated by other states;
  • Owned by private non profit housing corporations and Housing Authorities in exemplary public/private partnership;
  • Services to residents provided by private non profit provider organizations and the State (SOCP) who lease the homes from the owners;
  • Long term use of homes as DD housing assured by terms of trust deeds in favor of SPD and by 60 year recorded regulatory agreement;
  • Construction funded with Oregon General Obligation Bonds in unique financing arrangement through partnership between Oregon Housing and Community Services Department and DHS;
  • Legislatively funded Maintenance and Repair Program for CIP homes protects long term investment of bond holders and assures longevity of safe affordable DD housing;
  • Annual inspections project funding and budget oversight of the Maintenance and Repair Program performed by SPD.

Maintenance and Repair Program

The Community Housing Section manages the maintenance and repair program that is funded by State General Fund revenue. CHS works with the non-profit CIP homeowners to assure that the homes are adequately maintained, thus assuring that this valuable housing stock will endure indefinitely. Property Management Procedures describe the responsibilities of the owners and the Housing Section.

Children's Intensive in-Home Services (CIIS).

The Community Housing Section provides support to children who qualify for the CIIS Program.

Technical Assistance

Within workload constraints, The Community Housing Section provides technical assistance to counties, brokerages, families and individuals concerning housing modifications to enhance the health, safety, independence and quality of life of adults and children with developmental disabilities. Requests for housing technical assistance can be made by completing the Technical Assistance Request Form


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