How do I get a sign language interpreter (or real-time captioning)? 

Please use the accommodations request form to submit accommodations requests (see next item for a link). Please do NOT make an accommodations request by sending an email to our staff. If you have general questions about requesting accommodations, please see our Communications Request page​, or email

If you are working with a public agency (state, county, city, municipal) in the state of Oregon as either a client or staff person, and a sign language interpreter or CART is needed, a staff person with that agency can make an accommodations request

Note: The requester should provide a billing contact in the form.

If you are working with any other kind of service (e.g., a business or a nonprofit), you can find interpreters either through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf or in the Oregon Association of the Deaf's Directory. These resources may also be helpful if you need accommodations with less than two days notice, as ODHHS usually needs a minimum of two business days to arrange accommodations.  

I am a sign language interpreter or CART provider, and would like to receive assignments from ODHHS – how do I do that? 

The Accommodations Coordinator welcomes communications from communications service providers who would like to be available for assignments. We especially seek providers from rural and underserved areas of Oregon. Please email​ with you resume and introduce yourself.

Is there any help to pay for hearing aids? 

There are several local and national organizations to which you can apply for assistance with getting hearing aids. Before you contact them: have you determined that your insurance plan will not cover them?

As of January 1, 2019, most insurance companies in Oregon are required to pay for up to two hearing aids (if your audiologist says that you need two). Be sure to ask your insurance company about this before applying for assistance from these organizations! 

I am not being provided with the language accommodations I need, can you help? 

Please email us at with details about the situation, and any names and contact information that may help us assist you. 

Can you help me find a job, or provide job training? Can you find me a place to live? 

ODHHS does not provide these services but provides information and referral to agencies and organizations that do. For people seeking work, we recommend you contact Worksource Oregon or Vocational Rehabilitation. Job training may be available to you through either of these. In addition, Incight is an organization that provides a variety of employment, educational, and independence opportunities. 

There is a critical shortage of affordable housing in Oregon, and housing services usually have long waitlists. Please see Oregon Housing and Community Services for more information and resources. 

How can I find out about events and activities in the Deaf community or for hard of hearing people in Oregon? 

ODHHS does not maintain a comprehensive database about Deaf/hard of hearing activities and events. There are several excellent resources for finding out about events in the community: 

How can I get involved with your Advisory Committee? 

Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public, and there is time reserved for public comment at all meetings. Please see the ODHHS Advisory Committee web page for information about meeting times, dates, locations, and about how to apply for membership on the Advisory Committee. 

I would like to have your brochure, but in an alternate format (Braille, for example) – how can I request that? 

Please email us at to make this request, and we will arrange to provide you with a brochure in an accessible format. 

Can I sign up to get email updates from ODHHS? 

We will soon have an email list which may provide occasional updates from ODHHS. When this list is established, we will provide a link on the main page of our website. Also, see our Facebook page for updates. 

I have a question that isn't answered above. How can I reach you? 

See our Contacts page for ways to reach us!  ​​​​