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WBE Computer Technologies
Program offered at CCCF

Coordinator/Teaching Staff:

Coffee Creek Correctional Facility
24499 SW Grahams Ferry Road
Wilsonville OR  97070
(503) 570-6699 
A Federal Bureau of Prisons study discovered a 33 percent decrease in recidivism among individuals who participated in vocational and apprenticeship training while incarcerated...

Criteria for Program Completion:
Completion of six core courses offered over a 14 month period.  Upon completion of the 14 month program participants earn an Award of Completion from the Computer Technology Program.  

Through collaboration with Portland Community College, Coffee Creek Correctional Facility is an authorized Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) testing center.  This certification enhances the participant’s employability, gives them an industry recognized professional certification and documents the skills they have learned.

Description of Program:

This program is a post-secondary program composed of six instructor-led computer courses geared toward IC3 certification and MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification. One of the achievement goals is developing marketable skills to attract potential employers. All students are taught the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and FrontPage from beginning to expert level.  The hardware course teaches students about the various physical components of a desktop computer and how the hardware and software work together.  Teambuilding, effective communication, emotional regulation, problem solving, and critical thinking skills are an added extra dimension to the program.  Classes meet Monday through Friday and are comprised of 15 women for four and one half hours a day for 14 months.

Program Uniqueness: 

As an Authorized Microsoft and Certiport Testing Center, the Computer Technology Program is only one of a select few located through-out the State of Oregon. As part of the Computer Technology Program, participants prepare to take and pass the MOS (Microsoft OfficeSpecialist) exams. A MOS is an Individual who has certified their Microsoft Office desktop publication skills.

Participants can certify their skills in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Access. The MOS program is the only Microsoft approved program in existence for certifying proficiency in Microsoft Office desktop publications. These certifications are a valuable asset in either a job search or the pursuit of career advancement. In addition, the Computer Technology Program is an authorized testing center for the Certiport IC3 exams. These certifications ensure individuals have the basic computing knowledge and skills required to effectively use computer hardware, software, and networks, and the Internet in today’s business world. IC3 has become recognized and respected as the global standard in digital literacy.

Software Programsoftware Programs
    • Microsoft Word--word processing.  Students learn the different uses of Word to create documents such as flyers, brochures, reports, etc.
    • Microsoft PowerPoint--a powerful presentation graphics program.  Students learn the importance of planning out their presentation before creating it.  They also learn to prepare presentations in the form of on-screen slides.
    • Microsoft Excel--a computerized spreadsheet program.  Students learn Excel can be used to help present a report and analyze information.
    • Microsoft Access--is a database program.  Students learn this program is very useful in entering, maintaining, and retrieving related data from a database.
    • Microsoft FrontPage--a Web page authoring and site management program.  Students learn how to create and manage high quality Web sites without programming.  
  • Hardware
    • Students learn what makes a computer work, the technical names for parts used to build a computer, proper maintenance of a computer, the language a computer uses to process data (binary code), how to upgrade and maintain a PC.  This course gives students an insight into the duties of a PC Technician.
    • Effective organizational, communication, interpersonal and time management skills.
    • Ability to work in a team.
    • Self esteem, motivation, and goal setting.
    • Creative, critical thinking, decision-making, and problem solving skills.
    • Career commitment and work ethic.

“When I think of or hear the word ‘computer’ I can’t help but to smile. The Computer Technology Program has given me an enormous amount of knowledge, skill and self confidence. I’ve found keys to open locked doors, seen doors that I didn’t know existed, and tapped into a new kind of energy I didn’t know I had. I am so grateful for the people who made these wonderful opportunities available to me. Special thanks to the ‘Computer Tech Goddess’ Ms. Hargrave for seeing the possibility for growth in me and saying yes!” ~ Amethyst Monken
“As a young women, Computer Tech has shown me that anything is possible. Every day I spend time studying or working on assignments which gives me the skills and the confidence I need to successfully enter back into the community as a determined individual, for this I am forever grateful. Thank you Ms. Hargrave”. ~ Shawn’ae Pierce
“After years of selling drugs to make a living and coming to prison for 2½ years, the idea of reentering the workforce scared me to death, until I was accepted into the Computer technology Program at Coffee Creek. I now have the skills and confidence to go out into society as an experienced, marketable individual. I have five beautiful children and when I leave here I will be able to support my family and be proud of how I’m doing it” ~ Christina Pleasant
"Computer Tech is a wonderful program. Not every one gets to take this program and I am both fortunate and grateful that I was one of the lucky ones to get the opportunity. I’ve been incarcerated for 11½ years and things are just not the same as before. Thanks to Computer Tech and our wonderful Ms. Hargrave I will have the knowledge and skill to bring me up to date with the current job skills." ~ Christi DeCamp
"When I started the Computer Technology program the only job skills I had were fast food, hostess, and casher. My only experience with a computer was playing games and at times, surfing the Internet. I can now proudly say that I have gained some awesome skills in which I can put forth to obtain a worthy career. Not only have I learned these new found computer skills, I have also became a Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel and Access. In addition, I’ve also learned very valuable lessons about myself, others and how to effectively communicate with others
At the age 25, I was beginning to worry that I wasn’t doing much with my life. Becoming an independent, productive member of society and an accomplished business woman is one of my sought after goals. Now, thanks to the Computer Technology Program, I feel more confident in knowing that I have gained valuable skills in which I can use in achieving my goals and dreams."
 ~ Stefanie Manley
"I don’t even know if I could find enough words to explain what Computer Tech has done for me. I now have a whole toolbox full of technical skills, but this program is so much more than that. In the Computer Technology Program soft skills are just as important as technical skills, not only will I be able to get a job but I will be able to keep one and be a valuable team member. I came in to this program a very broken person and with a lot of care and guidance from Ms.Hargrave and whole lot of help from God, I feel that I can make a difference. And for that I will always be grateful. Thank you Ms. Hargrave for helping me raise my chin and learn to hold my head up again."  ~ Christine Goularte