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Religious Services - Ethics & Religion
Ethics & Religion
We want to be faithful to the moral and religious imperatives of our ministry and to help the Oregon Department of Corrections to be ever more true to its core values of:
  • accountability;
  • responsibility;
  • respect;
  • integrity;
  • constructive change; and
  • participation of all.*
All religions speak of the importance of justice and mercy, of right and wrong and of compassion and love. We believe that we are called to be ethical and compassionate in all of our relationships and that we have a role to play in helping ensure that all of the actions of the DOC are ethical and compassionate.
We will make this area of our ministry a priority in our lives by taking the following actions:
Increase the use of ethical and compassionate language within the Department.
We will advocate for the Departments Code of Conduct and Ethics in what we say and do.
We will publish six articles each year in departmental/staff newsletters that positively highlight ethical and compassionate values and language.
We will hold a quarterly chapel service in each institution that positively highlights ethical and compassionate values and language among the inmates.
At meetings throughout the Department our foundational value questions will be:
  • Is what we are going to do a good action?
  • Is what we are going to do a compassionate action?
The issues of ethics and compassion and the questions they raise will continue to be included in the core training for all volunteers.

Inmate Advocacy
We will be pro-active in chaplaincy programs.
We will listen to inmate complaints and concerns.
We will respond to information concerning the safety of the institution.
We will report physical and verbal abuse of inmates and advise institutional administration of our concerns.
We will be a prophetic people and voice within the institution for both staff and inmates alike.
We will include training on minority religious faiths, role and value of volunteers, religious property, and inmate advocacy during our May and June meetings of 1999.
We will represent inmate advocacy and ethical issues at institutional management meetings.
* Mission statement of the Oregon Department of Corrections