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Policies and Procedures
Policies and Procedures

Governance & Administration 


P-A-01  Access to Care (essential)
P-A-02  Responsible Health Authority (essential)
P-A-02.1  Level of Therapeutic Care Provided by Oregon Department of Corrections, Health Services Division
P-A-02.2  Level of Therapeutic Dental Care Provided by Oregon Department of Corrections, Health Services Division
P-A-03  Medical Autonomy  (essential)
P-A-04  Administrative Meetings and Reports (essential)
P-A-05  Policies and Procedures (essential)
P-A-06  Continuous Quality Improvement Program (essential)
P-A-07  Emergency Response Plan (essential)
P-A-07.1  Emergency Box
P-A-08  Communication on Patients Health Needs (essential)
PA08.1  ​Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Classification
P-A-09  Privacy of Care (important)
P-A-10  Procedure in the Event of an Inmate Death (important)
P-A-11  Grievance Mechanism for Health Complaints (important)

Managing A Safe And Healthy Environment 
P-B-01  Infection Control Program
P-B-01.1  Isolation Control Precautions
P-B-01.2  Exposure Control Plan
P-B-01.3  Heavy Metal Destruction & Recycling Program
P-B-01.4  Ectoparasite Control
P-B-01.5  Sterilization and Instrument Processing 
P-B-01.6  HIV CTR PP 
P-B-02  Patient Safety
P-B-03  Staff Safety
P-B-04  Federal Sexual Assault Reporting Regulations
P-B-05  Procedure in the Event of Sexual Assault

Personnel & Training
P-C-01  Credentialing (essential)
P-C-02  Clinical Performance Enhancement (important)
P-C-03  Professional Development (essential)
P-C-04  Health Training for Correctional Officers (essential)
P-C-05  Medication Administration Training (essential)
P-C-06  Inmate Workers (essential)
P-C-07  Staffing (important)
P-C-08  Health Care Liaison (important)
Orientation for Health Staff (important)
P-C-09.1  Orientation and Assignment of Contract Agency Temporary Professional Medical Personnel
P-C-09.2  Department and Clinical Site Orientation for Students and Interns

Health Care Services and Support 
P-D-01  Pharmaceutical Operations (essential)
P-D-01.1  Formulary
P-D-01.2  Computerized Inmate Pharmacy Record
P-D-01.3  Storage of Medications
P-D-01.4 ​CIPS Computer Access Security Policy
P-D-02  Medication Services (essential)
P-D-02.1  Inmate Self-Medications
P-D-02.2  Urgent/Emergency Medication Needs
P-D-02.3  Medication Distribution System
Ordering/Delivery of Medications
P-D-02.5  Medication Starter Doses
P-D-02.6  Sterile Parenteral Products
P-D-02.7  Medication Administration Record (MAR)
P-D-02.8  Medication Stop Orders
P-D-02.9  Prescription Medication Administration and Control
P-D-02.10  Medication Administration Incidents/Errors
P-D-02.11  Discharge Medications
P-D-02.12 Disposal of Expired, Discontinued or Damaged Narcotics
P-D-02.13  Moral and Ethical Objection
P-D-03  Clinic Space, Equipment, and Supplies (important)
P-D-04  Diagnostic Services (important) 
P-D-04.1  Physical & Environmental Aspects of Radiology Services
P-D-04.2  Radiology Services
P-D-04.3  ODOC Radiology Departments Compliance with Regulatory Bodies
P-D-04.4  Continuous Quality Improvement in the Radiology Department
P-D-04.5  Body Fluid Precautions General Guidelines
P-D-04.6  General Guidelines for Use of Formalin 
P-D-05  Hospital and Specialty Care (important)

Inmate Care and Treatment
P-E-01  Information on Health Services (essential)
P-E-02 Receiving Screening (essential)
P-E-03  Transfer Screening (essential)
P-E-04  Initial Health Assessment (essential)
P-E-05  Mental Health Screening and Evaluation (essential)
P-E-06  Oral Care (essential)
P-E-06.1  Emergency Dental Treatment
P-E-06.2  Non-Emergency Dental Treatment
P-E-06.3  Dental Screening (At Intake)
P-E-06.4  Dental Examination (At Intake)
P-E-06.5  Dental Prosthetic Treatment
P-E-06.6  Outside Dental Consultations or Treatment (Necessary)
P-E-06.7  Outside Dental Consultations or Treatment (Elective)
P-E-06.8  Nursing Dental Protocols
P-E-06.9  Periodontal Treatment
P-E-06.10  Periodic Dental Exams
P-E-06.11 ​Dental Services for Pregnant Inmates
P-E-06.12 ​Root Canals and Crowns
P-E-06.13 ​Dental Services Staff Oversight and Infection Control
P-E-07  Non-Emergency Health Care Requests and Services (essential)
P-E-08  Emergency Services (essential)
P-E-09  Segregated Inmates (essential)
P-E-10  Patient Escort (important)
P-E-11  Nursing Assessment Protocols (important)
P-E-12  Continuity of Care During Incarceration (essential)
P-E-13  Discharge Planning (important)

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
P-F-01  Healthy Lifestyle Promotion (important)
P-F-01.1  Personal Care Items
P-F-02  Medical Diets (important)
P-F-03  Use of Tobacco (important)

Special Needs and Services
P-G-01  Chronic Disease Services (essential)
P-G-02  Patients with Special Health Needs (essential)
P-G-03  Infirmary Care (essential)
P-G-04  Basic Mental Health Services (essential)
P-G-05  Suicide Prevention Program (essential)
P-G-05.1  Management of Inmate Hunger Strikes
P-G-06  Patients with Alcohol and Other Drug Problems
P-G-07  Intoxication and Withdrawal
P-G-08  Contraception
P-G-09  Care of the Pregnant Inmate
P-G-09.1 ​Pregnancy Counseling
P-G-09.2  ​Breastfeeding Program
P-G-10  Aids to impairment (important)
P-G-10.1  Eye Glasses
P-G-10.2  Footwear
P-G-11  Care for the Terminally Ill/Hospice (important)
P-G-11.1  Inmate Hospice Volunteers

Health Records
P-H-01  Health Record Format and Contents (essential)
P-H-01.1  Health Care Records Forms Development
P-H-02  Confidentiality of Health Records (essential)
P-H-02.1  Notification in Emergencies
P-H-03  Access to Custody Information (important)
P-H-04  Management of Health Records (important)

Medical-Legal Issues 
P-I-01  Restraint and Seclusion (essential)
P-I-02  Emergency Psychotropic Medication (essential)
P-I-02.1  Tracking Medication Compliance on Crucial MH Inmates
P-I-02.2  Involuntary Medications
P-I-02.3 ​Ordering of Long Term Involuntary Psychotropic Medication
P-I-03  Forensic Information (important)
P-I-04  End-of-Life Decision Making (important)
P-I-05  Informed Consent and Right to Refuse (important)
P-I-06  Medical and Other Research (important)
P-I-07  Executions (important)