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Notices of Proposed Rulemaking:​​

​​August 23, 2022​ Public Hearing​ ​- 9:00 am

​​ZoomGov Meeting
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Meeting ID: 161 950 1415

Passcode​: 055123

​Eligible Pharmacy Exclusion
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking​​


​​​August 30, 2022 Public Hearing​​​​​ - 9:00 am

​ZoomGov Meeting
Join by video: https://www.zoomgov.com/j/1609415572
Join by phone: 1-551-285-1373
Meeting ID: 160 941 5572

Passcode: 108619

​Determining Value of Historic Property Qualified for Special Assessment
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

​Past Rules Advisory Committees:

Property Tax Division - ​AV Exemptions
January 18, 2022 ​​Meeting Recording

January 18, 2022 Meeting PowerPoint
​March 28, 2022 Meeting Recording

March 28, 2022 Meeting PowerPoint

May 31, 2022 Meeting Recording​
​​May 31, 2022 Meeting PowerPoint


Rule Renumbering Note

We renumbered our administrative rules—effective September 1, 2016—to meet the requirements of the Secretary of State Archives Division's new Oregon Administrative Rules database. You can match old rule numbers to new rule numbers using our index.​​

Pub​li​c​ Announcements: ​​​​

​Rules Advi​​sory Committee

August 23, 2​​022​ - 10:00 ​am

Public Law 86-272

​ZoomGov Meeting

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​Rules Advi​​sory Committee

September 1, 2​​022​ - 9:00 ​am

Maximum Assessed Value (MAV)

​ZoomGov Meeting

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​Rules Advi​​sory Committee

September 6, 2​​022​ - 2:00 ​pm

Psilocybin Tax Rules

​ZoomGov Meeting

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