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OAA collects delinquent debt for more than 280 state agencies, boards, and commissions including circuit courts and a wide variety of educational and regulatory agencies.

Senate Bill (SB) 1067

What is SB 1067?

SB 1067 (2017) includes provisions for centralizing state debt collections. This legislation requires that state agencies subject to ORS 293 send liquidated and delinquent debt to the Department of Revenue's OAA program for collections.

It also requires that OAA deliver appropriate accounts to private collection firms (PCFs), and that OAA subsequently manage these accounts. More specifically, if OAA is unable to collect the debt within six months, OAA is required to send the debt to a PCF, absent any exemption covering the debt. OAA will then manage the debt while at a PCF, including keeping the debt in the OAA database for offset purposes and delivering collection proceeds to client agencies. If the debt is returned by a PCF, the debt will remain with OAA for offset purposes, and a referring client agency may evaluate writing off any appropriate debts. The debt will otherwise remain at OAA in the event that the debtor’s circumstances change that may impact the collectability of the debt.

Who is subject to ORS 293?

There are 97 agencies now subject to ORS 293. Check the list​ to see if your agency is one of them.

What if my agency isn't subject to SB 1067? Can I still use OAA's collection services?

Our current priority is the successful implementation of SB 1067, specifically the conversion of our system and processes to the updated business model. After the July 1, 2018 conversion, however, we'll be transitioning non-subject agencies to the new business model and looking for opportunities to partner with non-subject agencies that aren't yet using our services.

What about debt that subject agencies currently have assigned to private collection firms?

PCFs will continue working with agencies directly on debt that was assigned prior to July 1, 2018 until the debt is resolved or returned to you. PCFs will work with us directly for your debts that we assign them.

Contact us​ for any of the following:

  • Begin sending debts to OAA. You must establish your program in our system to start sending agency liabilities.
  • Add/remove program codes. When you assign debt to us, we give you a program code based on the type of debt and type of collection services. Contact us if you need to deactivate or reactivate a program code.
  • Update account balances. Email us to make arrangements to report payments by either an Adjustment Memo or data transfer format.
  • Request notice of apportionments. We will review any apportionment request (division of a tax refund on a joint return) and make a determination as to whether an apportionment is appropriate. We will charge any resulting change in the refund amount back to your agency's account. Contact our office if you want to be notified of these reversals.

For other questions:


  • Todd Evans, OAA operations manager, (503) 945-8101
  • Mike Skorupka, Special Programs Section manager, (503) 945-8703
  • Email:

Statewide policy

  • Gerold Floyd, senior statewide AR coordinator, (503) 378-2709
  • Stacey Chase, senior statewide AR coordinator, (503) 947-8567
  • Email:​

We accept debts in these collection programs

Restricted accounts — collected through refund offsets only. Refunds are applied as follows, based on the age of the debt:

  1. Other tax debt.
  2. Other Department of Revenue debt.
  3. Unrestricted or restricted state agency debt.

Unrestricted accounts — eligible for full collection services, including billing letters, payment plans, phone calls, refund offsets and garnishments, if necessary.


Oregon Administrative Rules:


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