Use the Oregon withholding calculator to make sure the right amount of Oregon income tax is being withheld from your paycheck.

Why do I need to c​heck my withholding?

The amount your employer withholds from your paychecks is intended to cover the personal income taxes you owe for the year. You're responsible for telling your employer how much to withhold. 

If it's not enough, you may receive an unexpected tax bill or penalty at tax time next year.

If it's too much, you may want to withhold less and get more money with each paycheck.

How can I check if I'm withholding the correct amount?

Our withholding calculator can help. Once you input all the information for your situation, you'll receive details about your results and instructions on how to update your state income tax withholding using the new Oregon Form OR-W-4​. The calculator also works for pension income withholding. 

Our withholding calculator doesn’t ask you to provide personal information, such as your name, Social Security Number, address, or bank account information. 

What tax or pay information do I need to use the calcul​ator?

At a minimum, you'll need your most recent pay stub from each job you (and your spouse, if filing jointly) have held this year. Pay stubs will help you calculate your projected income and current withholding for the entire year, and will tell you how much you've already withheld.

It may be helpful to have last year's Oregon and federal income tax returns available. The more complete the information you provide is, the more accurate your results will be.  

The withholding calculator will ask you for estimates of the following for 2019:

  • Your gross wages (from jobs).
  • Your spouse's gross wages (if married and filing jointly).
  • Other income you might have, including:
    • Pension income.
    • Unemployment. 
    • Self-employment income. 
    • Income from the sale or rental of property.
  • Adjustments to your income, such as student loan interest.
  • Oregon additions to or subtractions from your federal income, including:
    • Interest income that isn't taxed on your federal return. 
    • 529 college savings plan subtraction.
    • Special medical subtraction.
  • Itemized deductions for Oregon.
  • Oregon tax credits you'll be claiming.
    • If you plan on claiming the Working Family Household and Dependent Care credit for 2019, you'll need to provide an estimate of the care expenses you expect to pay in 2019.

If you have questions while using the calculator, click on the information icons for assistance. For information on federal income tax withholding or to adjust your federal withholding allowances, visit the IRS website

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