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Victor G. Atiyeh Award Winners 2004-2008


Class #
BP 08-307
Officer James TownleyPortland Police Bureau
BT 08-6712/19/08Dispatcher Tina GrissomWillamette Valley Communications Center
BC 08-23711/21/08Deputy Jerold VeraCruzClackamas County Sheriff's Office
BP 08-30611/14/08Officer Brian MontgomeryGresham Police Department
BPP 08-6011/14/08Officer Christopher HooverClatsop County Community Corrections
BP 08-30510/17/08Deputy Eamon O'ReillyWashington County Sheriff's Office
BC 08-23610/17/08Deputy John BrackettJackson County Sheriff's Office
BT 08-6610/3/08Dispatcher Jan ZitaUmatilla Police Department
BP 08-3049/19/08Recruit Brandon PetersOregon State Police
BC 08-2359/19/08Deputy Connie PhillisMarion County Sheriff's Office
BC 08-2349/12/08Deputy Ernest TannerWashington County Sheriff's Office
BT 08-658/15/08Dispatcher Aymee BryantDouglas County Emergency Communications
BC 08-2338/8/08Officer Kelsey GreenupTwo Rivers Correctional Institution
BP 08-3037/25/08Officer Jason GaultBend Police Department
BC 08-2326/27/08Deputy Phillip ShaddenYamhill County Sheriff's Office
BP 08-3026/20/08Deputy Juan ElenesWashington County Sheriff's Office
BC 08-2315/30/08Deputy Derrick RamseyerMarion County Sheriff's Office
BP 08-3015/23/08Deputy Clifford SitesLincoln County Sheriff's Office
BC 08-2305/23/08Deputy Sean SatoYamhill County Sheriff's Office
BT 08-645/16/08Dispatcher Joseph DeAgueroWallowa County Sheriff's Office
BP 08-3004/25/08Deputy James WheatonWashington County Sheriff's Office
BC 08-2294/18/08Deputy James UglesichWashington County Sheriff's Office
BC 08-2283/14/08Officer Gary LonghornEastern Oregon Correctional Institution
BT 08-632/29/08Dispatcher Justin HillClackamas County Communications
BPP 08-592/22/08Officer Barbara FletcherMultnomah Adult Community Justice
BC 08-2272/8/08Officer Ben Akana-SeawaterTwo Rivers Correctional Institution
BC 07-2261/25/08Deputy Leah BrazeauJackson County Sheriff's Office
BC 07-2251/18/08Officer Gearald PhillipsDeer Ridge Correctional Institution
BP 07-29812/21/07Officer Christopher StoaksBend Police Department
BC 07-22412/7/07Deputy Crystal JayneDeschutes County Sheriff's Office
BP 07-29711/16/07Recruit Daniel RouttOregon State Police
BT 07-6211/16/07Dispatcher Thomas BorlandDeschutes County 911
BP 07-29610/19/07Investigator Nicole FugePortland Fire Bureau
BC 07-22310/19/07Officer Michael SpaniEastern Oregon Correctional Institution
BPP 07-5810/12/07Officer Michelle RicklesClackamas County Community Corrections
BP 07-2959/21/07Officer James MajetichRedmond Police Department
BC 07-2229/14/07Deputy James HohenseeClackamas County Sheriff's Office
BT 07-618/17/07Deputy JoDon PhillipsCurry County Sheriff's Office
CPS 108/17/07Officer Eamon O'BrienPortland State University Deptartment of Public Safety
BC 07-2218/10/07Officer Jason HoltonCoffee Creek Correctional Facility
BP 07-2947/27/07Officer Michael WulffMedford Police Department
BC 07-2206/29/07Officer Richard GatesWarner Creek Correctional Facility
BP 07-2936/22/07Officer Ron BatesCottage Grove Police Department
BT 07-606/1/07Dispatcher Heather LankfordOregon State Police
BP 07-2925/25/07Officer Matthew GillLake Oswego Police Department
BC 07-2195/25/07Deputy JoDon PhillipsCurry County Sheriff's Office
BP 07-2914/27/07Officer David AtteberryMedford Police Department
BC 07-2184/20/07Deputy Shari ShawMarion County Sheriff's Office
BC 07-2173/16/07Officer Joshua GordonYamhill County Community Corrections
BT 07-593/2/07Dispatcher Matthew GilbertLincoln County Communications
BPP 07-572/23/07Officer Suzanne O'TooleLincoln County Community Corrections
BC 07-2162/9/07Deputy Sarah NachtigalWashington County Sheriff's Office
BP 06-29012/22/06Officer Joe BernardiBend Police Department
BC 06-21512/22/06Deputy Frank WardWashington County Sheriff's Office
BC 06-21412/8/06Deputy Kathleen MartinezMultnomah County Sheriff's Office
BP 06-28911/17/06Officer Lisa LarkinGresham Police Department
BC 06-21311/17/06Deputy John PottsBenton County Sheriff's Office
BT 06-5811/10/06Dispatcher Bren GingerichTillamook County 911
BP 06-28810/27/06Officer Travis HighMcMinnville Police Department
BC 06-21210/13/06Officer Tanika DumasOregon State Correctional Institution
BP 06-28710/6/06Deputy Edward ConeyJosephine County Sheriff's Office
BPP 06-569/29/06Officer Sophie FrenzelPolk County Community Corrections
BT 06-579/8/06Disp. Janel DunningNorth Bend Police Department
BC 06-2119/1/06Deputy Cory DhillonCoos County Sheriff's Office
BP 06-2866/2/06Officer Sommer HeglandHillsboro Police Department
BC 06-2106/2/06Deputy Sarah ReiterJackson County Sheriff's Office
BT 06-565/19/06Disp. Vaughn BechtolLake Oswego Police Department
BPP 06-555/5/06Officer Lily MorganJosephine Co. Community Justice
BC 06-2094/28/06Deputy Robert StrandClackamas County Sheriff's Office
BP 06-2854/7/06Deputy Randall ZilkDeschutes County Sheriff's Office
BC 06-2083/24/06Deputy Daren KragKlamath County Sheriff's Office
BP 06-2843/17/06Officer Shawn GraffSalem Police Department
BC 06-2072/10/06Officer Terry ShanleyOregon State Penitentiary
BT 06-552/10/06Disp. Janet WinesFlorence Police Department
BC 05-20612/16/05Dep. David KirbyWashington County Sheriff's Office
BP 05-28312/16/05Ofc. Gedemynas JakubauskasPortland Police Bureau
BP 05-28211/18/05Ofc. Kirby BrumfieldNewberg Police Department
BT 05-5411/18/05Disp. Andrew FinazzoSouthern Oregon Regional Communications
BC 05-20510/28/05Dep. James DayLincoln County Sheriff's Office
BPP 05-5410/21/05Ofc. Michael AlbersWashington County Community Corrections
BT 05-5309/23/05Disp. William StricklerMedford Police Department
BP 05-28109/16/05Dep. Jack DanielKlamath County Sheriff's Office
BC 05-20409/16/05Dep. Sarah ChandlerWashington County Sheriff's Office
BP 05-28008/26/05Ofc. Carl BusseNewberg Police Department
BC 05-20308/12/05Ofc. Richard DunnWarner Creek Correctional Facility
BP 05-20206/24/05Dep. Michael MahnkeDeschutes County Sheriff's Office
BP 05-27906/17/05Ofc. Richard BigelowBend Police Department
BC 05-20106/10/05Dep. Rea SmithPolk County Sheriff's Office
BP 05-27805/27/05Dep. Marvin CombsLane County Sheriff's Office
BC 05-20004/29/05Dep. Patrick WilliamsDouglas County Sheriff's Office
BT 05-5204/08/05Disp. Adam FoxGrants Pass Dept. of Public Safety
BP 05-27704/01/05Ofc. Joshua SchilderMedford Police Department
BC 05-19903/18/05Dep. Mary HoldmanUmatilla County Sheriff's Office
BP 05-27603/11/05Dep. Andrew FranklinLinn County Sheriff´s Office
BPP 05-5302/24/05Ofc. Stephanie LangYamhill County Community Corrections
BC 05-19802/04/05Dep. Thomas ShinnPolk County Sheriff´s Office
BT 05-5101/21/05Disp. Jeremiah HarrisonClackamas County Communications
BC 04-19712/17/04Ofc. Lee JonesOregon State Penitentiary
BP 04-27512/17/04Ofc. Jason Van MeterSalem Police Department
BP 04-27412/10/04Ofc. Thomas HarrisonLake Oswego Police Department
BT 04-5011/19/04Disp. Michael KirkLinn County Sheriff´s Office
BC 04-19610/29/04Ofc. Curt HinzmanOregon State Penitentiary
BPP 04-5210/22/04Dep. Anna WhitlockMarion County Sheriff’s Office
BP 04-27309/24/04Ofc. James FlemingPortland Police Bureau
BT 04-4909/24/04Ofc. Melanie NicholSpringfield Police Department
TVCC 04-109/17/04Ofc. Jason BinfordSnake River Correctional Institution
BC 04-19509/17/04Dep. Eamon O’ReillyWashington County Sheriff’s Office
BP 04-27209/17/04Dep. Anthony HackmanMalheur County Sheriff’s Office
CPS04-0109/03/04Ofc. Mary LefebvrePSU-Safety & Security
BC 04-19408/13/04Dep. Heather BrannonWashington County Sheriff’s Office
BP 04-27107/02/04Ofc. Michael ShafferCoos Bay Police Department
BC 04-19306/11/04Dep. James WheatonWashington County Sheriff´s Office
BT 04-4706/11/04Disp. Melvin WunderlichUmatilla County Sheriff´s Office
BP 04-269
05/14/04Dep. Scott Bernardi
Washington County Sheriff’s Office
BC 04-192
04/30/04Ofc. Michael Rickman
Snake River Correctional Institution
BP 03-268
03/26/04Ofc. David Lund
Roseburg Police Department
BC 04-190
03/19/04Dep. Elva Kerr
Lane County Sheriff’s Office
BP 03-267
03/12/04Dep. Nathaniel Green
Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office
BPP 04-51
02/20/04Ofc. Richard Vasconi
Jackson County Community Justice
BC 04-189
02/06/04Dep. Jack Daniel
Klamath County Sheriff’s Office
BT 04-46
01/23/04Disp. Lindsay Willbanks
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office