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Investments of the Oregon Talent Council Fund are guided by the T​alent Plan and directed by the Council. The 2015-2017 Investment Framework approved November 12, 2015 includes the issuance of two rounds of competitive grants as well as a Council-led directed investment process.

Round 1 Grant Funds  awarded April 15, 2016 

The Council approved the award of $2 million in grants toward its first strategic investments in talent development resulting from Request for Grant Proposals #16098s. The competitive grants were issued to four public institutions of higher education projects to support many of the talent gaps as identified in the Talent Plan.

R​ound 2 Grant Funds – awarded June 30, 2016
The Council approved the award of $1.4 million in grants toward its second round of strategic investments in talent development resulting from Request for Grant Applications #16-0429 open to all Oregon institutions of higher education, workforce boards and other nonprofit corporations.

Directed Investments

The Council has approved a process where the Grants Committee collaborates with industry, education and training partners and evaluates potential investments to recommend to the full Council. A total of $1.8 million has been allocated to the Directed Investments portfolio with the purpose to:

  • Franchise and scale existing successful models, including developing templates that can be implemented by other organizations or industries.
  • Identify venture-minded gap closures, including models needing additional research or small pilot projects. 
  • Provide a mix of infrastructure and bold investments that make a real difference to talent needs.

As negotiated investments, the Council is looking for projects that result in a model, template or talent infrastructure improvement. In general, the Council prioritizes projects with co-investment by industry and the sponsoring institution and does not allow indirect administrative costs. Remaining awards will be made at the November 9, 2016 meeting.

08.10.2016 Awards Summary (2016-08-10 meeting packet)

10.07.2016 Awards Summary (2016-10-07 meeting packet)


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