Oregon Talent Council

​​Oregon College Talent Network

Finding talent will be a little easier for Oregon employers, regardless of size or location, thanks to collaboration among 15 of Oregon’s colleges and universities supported by an Oregon Talent Council​ investment.

Oregon's higher education career services professionals agree that the best solution for our fragmented recruitment landscape is to adopt a common platform for posting jobs so employers can easily reach more student talent.

The Oregon College Talent Network is providing that platform through Handshake.

Benefits include:

  • user friendly with 24-hour support
  • requires only one sign-in to post openings at all institutions
  • compares student skills and experience to employers' needs
  • free for employers
  • sign up for campus events like career fairs and on-campus interviews
Join Handshake and connect with Oregon students and alumni today!
The Council is excited to partner with Oregon’s colleges and universities and help incentivize the transition to Handshake this year. This catalytic investment allows for more Oregon institutions to participate in the shared platform, improves employer and student engagement, and enables better data collection and outcome reporting capabilities.
Established in 2015, the Talent Council advises state agencies and educational institutions on talent development and catalyzes the development of industry-guided training programs. Investing in ways to better understand the talent needs of Oregon companies and connecting employers to student talent are central to the Council’s mission of making Oregonians the first and best choice of Oregon Employers.​​​ ​

The shared platform will be implemented at the following institutions by July 1, 2017.


The combination of education credentials, applied skills and industry experience that is the single greatest contributor of sustainable economic prosperity for Oregon.