Claimant Handbook

 Filing Weekly Claims

You claim a week after it ends. The Employment Department uses a calendar week of Sunday through Saturday. After a week ends 11:59 PM on Saturday, you may claim the week.

The Weekly Claim Line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Online Claims System is available seven days a week, except from 12:30 AM to 2:30 AM.

You must claim each week in order to receive benefits, or to satisfy your waiting week requirement. Until you claim at least one week of benefits, NO payments or decisions will be made on your claim.

For each week you want to claim benefits, you must certify that you meet the eligibility requirements. You do this by answering questions about your eligibility for that entire week.

To claim each week, use our Online Claims System at:

or claim by phone with the Weekly Claim Line. Phone numbers are on the back cover of this handbook.

For a list of the weekly claim questions go online to:

or call the UI Center and ask us to mail you a copy of UI Pub 402.

The first week you file a weekly claim is your waiting week. Oregon law requires a waiting week. We use it to gather information we need to properly pay benefits. It does NOT mean you should wait before filing your first weekly claim.

To qualify for waiting week credit you must:

  • Have a valid claim; claim the week; AND meet all eligibility requirements

You will NOT qualify for waiting week if:

  • You didn't claim the week; the week was denied by the Employment Department; you earned more than or equal to your weekly benefit amount; or you worked full-time

You will only serve one waiting week in your benefit year and you will never receive payment for that week.

Download the complete Claimant Handbook as a PDF:

Unemployment Insurance Contact Centers: 

Portland Area: (503) 292-2057

Salem Area: (503) 947-1500

Eastern/Central Oregon/Bend:

(541) 388-6207

TOLL FREE: (877) 345-3484


Weekly Claim Line Numbers:

Portland Area:

(503) 224-0405

Greater Salem Area:

(503) 375-7900

Eastern/Central Oregon/Bend:

(541) 388-4066

TOLL FREE: (800) 982-8920

TTY Relay Service 711​​​​​


PO Box 14135

Salem OR 97309-5068

Fax: (866) 345-1878​​