Claimant Handbook

Some situations require the Employment Department to examine claims, determine eligibility or issue administrative decisions. They include, but are not limited to:

      Quitting a job

      Being fired or suspended from a job

      Being unable to work

      Being away from your permanent residence

      Attending school or training

      Being self employed

      Being in jail

      Missing any work

      Turning down an offer of work

      Failing to actively seek work

      Receiving retirement pay (except social security)

      Failing to participate in a Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment interview

      Turning down a referral for work from WorkSource Oregon

      Failing to complete enrollment activities through your local WorkSource Oregon center

      Being unemployed as a result of a labor dispute, or

      Filing for weekly benefits during the summer, winter, or spring break periods or between terms when you’re an instructional or non-instructional educational employee. 

These issues will cause a stop on your claim until we make a decision to pay or deny benefits. Continue to claim weekly benefits during the investigation of any issue on your claim. This ensures you’re able to receive payment on those weeks if the investigation results in a decision to pay benefits. 

An adjudicator will complete an investigation. If the adjudicator needs additional information, they will contact you. Be sure to respond to requests with complete information. Failure to respond will result in a decision being made on information available and may result in a denial of benefits. Withholding information or reporting false information to the Employment Department has serious consequences. (See Fraud​)​

If you’re denied benefits, you will receive a written administrative decision giving the details of the denial; this includes the dates of denial, the reason for denial, and any penalties related to a disqualification. Read your decision carefully and contact the department with any questions you have about the content of the decision (see section 8, Appeals).

If we deny your benefits due to a work separation issue, because you failed to apply for a job referral or refused a job we will:

          Reduce your maximum benefit amount by up to eight times your weekly benefit amount, and

          Deny your benefits until you work and receive payment of at least four times your weekly benefit amount in subject employment (work the employer paid UI taxes on). The work must be done after the week you were fired, suspended, quit or failed to accept or apply for work.

If your benefits are denied for reasons such as school attendance, missed work, incarceration, hospitalization, etc., the denial lasts until the condition(s) that caused the denial no longer exist.

If benefits were previously paid for any week covered by a denying decision, you’re overpaid. You will receive instructions on how to pay the money back. It is your responsibility to repay any overpaid amount which may include associated penalties, fees and/or interest.​​​​


Download the complete Claimant Handbook as a PDF:

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