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Claimant Handbook

Any time we reduce or deny your benefits, we send you an administrative decision. If you don’t agree with the administrative decision, you can appeal it by requesting a hearing. Your employer may also appeal an administrative decision they received.

Decisions sent by the Employment Department include instructions for filing an appeal and the appeal deadline to timely request a hearing. Failure to file a timely appeal may prevent you from having a hearing on the original Administrative Decision.

You may request a hearing by mail, fax, or
email. There is a hearing request form available on our website under Forms titled Unemployment Insurance Benefits – Request for a Hearing. This form is a fillable document you can complete and send to us using your preferred method.

Where to send your request:

Contact Us Form:

Fax: (503)947-1335

Mail: 875 Union St NE, Salem, OR 97311

When you request a hearing, provide as much information as possible regarding the decision you are appealing. Include the following information, if possible:

• A copy of the administrative decision you are appealing,

• The last four digits of your Social Security Number or your full Customer Identification Number (CID),

• The administrative decision number or issue you are appealing

• The mailing date of the administrative decision you're appealing, and

• A brief description of why you are appealing.​

If you have specific dates or times that you are unable to attend a hearing during the 90 days following your request, please provide that information to prevent scheduling of a hearing when you are unavailable. If you need language or other assistance, you may include that information with your appeal or notify the Office of Administrative Hearings after your appeal has been submitted. We will provide you with language interpretation and disability accommodations upon request at no cost to you.

If you are unable to request a hearing using the methods described above, due to your

specific circumstance, you may go to any public Employment Department office in

Oregon OR contact the UI Center for assistance in submitting your appeal.

What to do after a hearing has been
requested: If you change your address after you request a hearing you must notify both the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) and Unemployment Insurance. You can update your address with Unemployment Insurance in the Online Claims System or by contacting the UI Center. More information about hearings and the appeal process can be found at  During the appeal process, continue to file for weekly benefits. If you don’t claim each week timely while your appeal is pending, you will not be paid for those weeks if the appeal is decided in your favor (see section 2, Filing Weekly Benefits).

Download the complete Claimant Handbook as a PDF:

Unemployment Insurance Contact Centers: 

Portland Area: (503) 292-2057

Salem Area: (503) 947-1500

Eastern/Central Oregon/Bend:

(541) 388-6207

TOLL FREE: (877) 345-3484


Weekly Claim Line Numbers:

Portland Area:

(503) 224-0405

Greater Salem Area:

(503) 375-7900

Eastern/Central Oregon/Bend:

(541) 388-4066

TOLL FREE: (800) 982-8920

TTY Relay Service 711​​​​​


PO Box 14135

Salem OR 97309-5068

Fax: (866) 345-1878​​