Claimant Handbook

​​​When you return to full-time work, or earn your weekly benefit amount or more, you can stop filing weekly claims. If you worked during any week you claim benefits, you must report your gross earnings, even if you haven’t been paid (see section 4, Working While Claiming and Reporting Earnings​).


The Employment Department automatically stops your claim if you:

       Earn your weekly benefit amount or more,

       Work full-time,

       Skip filing weekly benefits, or

       Report no earnings after a week that you reported earnings.


If your claim is stopped for one of the reasons above, you must restart your claim. You may stop and restart your claim as many times as needed during your benefit year. 

If your claim was stopped because you worked, you can restart your claim using the Online Claims System and select the option “Restart your claim.” 

If you haven’t worked since last filing your weekly benefits, you can use the Online Claim System to restart your claim. 

Restart your claim during the week you want to begin claiming. If you’ve worked since you last filed for weekly benefits, have your employer information ready when you call. This includes the dates you worked; the names, phone numbers and addresses of your employer(s); and your gross earnings from those employers. 

Once you’ve restarted your claim, you still need to file for weekly benefits (see section 2, Filing for Weekly Benefits).

Download the complete Claimant Handbook as a PDF:

Unemployment Insurance Contact Centers: 

Portland Area: (503) 292-2057

Salem Area: (503) 947-1500

Eastern/Central Oregon/Bend:

(541) 388-6207

TOLL FREE: (877) 345-3484


Weekly Claim Line Numbers:

Portland Area:

(503) 224-0405

Greater Salem Area:

(503) 375-7900

Eastern/Central Oregon/Bend:

(541) 388-4066

TOLL FREE: (800) 982-8920

TTY Relay Service 711​​​​​


PO Box 14135

Salem OR 97309-5068

Fax: (866) 345-1878​​