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Arbitrator and Factfinder Request Form
Form Instructions
  1. Employer Information: Provide the Employer information as specified.
  2. Union Information: Provide the Union information as specified.
  3. Type of Request: Specify whether this is an interest arbitration, factfinding; grievance arbitration or a joint request for a second list. For factfindings, attach the parties’ agreement to go to factfinding. For grievance arbitration requests, provide the name of the grievance, if any, and briefly identify the issue or issues. (Ex: Wanda Jones Suspension or Overtime Scheduling Grievance). If this is a joint request for a second list of arbitrators or factfinders, pursuant to OAR 115-040-0032(2), the request must be signed by both parties or the party who is not submitting the request must notify ERB that they have agreed to a second list.
  4. Panel Size: Specify the size of the panel requested. If you do not specify a number here, you will be provided a panel of seven (7) arbitrators.
  5. Special Requirements: If no special requirements are specified, the panel of arbitrators will be selected from the All ERB Panel. Pursuant to OAR 115-040-0032, ERB will provide a panel from the categories specified on the form if the parties have jointly agreed to restrict the list from which their panel is to be selected.
  6. Signature: The requesting party should sign and date the form. If the form is submitted by e-mail, the typed name will substitute for a signature. If special requirements are made in the request, the signature or inserted name is the certification that the other party agrees to the stated requirements. However, if you are requesting a list of factfinders, you must provide us the parties’ written agreement to go to factfinding.   
    NOTE: For your information, the ERB Arbitrator and Factfinder Panel members and resumes are posted on the ERB website at:  www.oregon.gov/ERB/MedArbList.shtml