United Way of Jackson County - Addictions Recovery Center
My name is Kristie. For the past year I have been a participant in the Addictions Recovery Center’s year-long, STAR Program. This is a program funded by United Way of Jackson County’s Women Living Leadership (WiLL) program. I have been able to learn about personal drug triggers, building healthy relationships, and leading a meaningful and productive life. By surrounding myself with other sober and healthy women, I have come to understand the importance of unity, communicating, and community networking. Treatment turned out to be such a blessing for myself and my newborn baby girl.
I had the privilege of having a mentor. This volunteer was a life saver for me and my daughter. Thanks to being enrolled in the ARC’s treatment programs, including parenting classes at the Family Nurturing Center and recovery meetings with my sponsor, I finally experienced the healthy, trusting, caring support of other women who were in a similar situation, and we had fun! I socialized with other women I normally would never have met. Today I have over a year clean and sober. I have a healthy and beautiful, eleven-month-old daughter, a full-time job and safe housing. I will continue to maintain contact with my mentor and the other women I met and have come to cherish.