United Way of Columbia County -- Community Action Team
The Community Action Team Energy Assistance Program helps numerous people to stay out of debt caused by utility bills.  Three families helped recently are:
Mr. and Mrs. E (with three children ages 16, 10, 4) Mr. E had been working but was laid off of his job. Mrs. E is a stay at home mother. The family came in with a water shut-off bill owing $195.44. We were able to help with a payment of $100 of United Way funding combined with a faith-based referral payment of $96.00 to prevent the shut off and pay down their water bill.
Ms. F was working until her employer passed away from cancer. She came in unable to pay her $214.00 water bill. Ms. F met with a case manager and was given a faith-based referral for help with some of her water bill. Ms. F was also able to call a family member who gave her an additional amount.  Ms. F was able to pay $114.00 of her bill and United Way funds of $100 were used to keep her from water shut-off.
Mr. G is a 56-year-old man who lost his job in December. He has applied for unemployment, but has not been granted the payment to date. He came in with shut-offs for his electric, natural gas, and water. Energy assistance funds were used to prevent his electric shut-off, Northwest Natural Funds were used for his natural gas bill and United Way funds were used to help him pay his water bill.  Mr. G was able to come in with $78.00 to match the United Way payment of $78.00.