Higher Education Coordinating Commission

The Office of University Coordination provides academic and fiscal coordination related to Oregon’s seven public universities, including coordination of the academic program approval process, statewide initiatives and legislative directives to enhance postsecondary pathways and student success, biennial budget recommendations for the Public University Support Fund and capital investments, fiscal reporting and analysis, and the allocation of funds through the Student Success and Completion Funding Model. Below is a selection of campus and public resources on the work of the academic and financial units of the Office of University Coordination; more comprehensive information on this office will be available on the expanded HECC website in 2016.

Public University Academic Resources

Academic Program Approval
​The Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) has the responsibility for approval of significant changes to Oregon public university programs. These changes are brought forward to the HECC through the statewide Provosts' Council for Oregon's public universities. The below documents provide policy, guidance and format for the external review and program approval processes.


Public University Finance and Budget Resources

2015-16 Public University Budget Summary

The document below summarizes State appropriations and allocations made to Oregon’s seven public universities. It reflects information known in February 2016. The document does not include appropriations or allocations made during the 2016 Legislative session. An addendum will be issued in June 2016 to incorporate both 2016 Legislative appropriations and any required final allocation adjustments. 
Student Success and Completion Model (SSCM) for Oregon Public Universities

Starting in 2015-16, the allocation of state funding to the seven Oregon public universities is determined using the Student Success and Completion Model (SSCM), developed and approved by the HECC. This model shifts the method for allocation from an enrollment-based model to a model focused on access and completion, as well as other state priorities. The materials below provide summary information about the SSCM and its context, as well as technical information about its function.

SSCM Summary materials:

SSCM Details and FY 2016 Allocations:


Eastern Oregon University and Southern Oregon University Financial Conditions

Go to this page​ for reports, documents, and HECC feedback related to the financial positions and strategic planning efforts of Eastern Oregon University (EOU) and Southern Oregon University (SOU). The Commission is responsible for feedback on these reports under conditions adopted during the establishment of governing boards at those two universities. The EOU and SOU reports and the Commission’s feedback represent the second step in a multi-year review process. 

Public University Research and Data Resources

SCARF (Student Centralized Administrative Reporting File) Data Dictionary, Oregon public universities

For more resources, see Historical Data and Reports.