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Place Types

Place Types

The Oregon Sustainable Transportation Initiative (OSTI), an interagency effort between the Department of Land Conservation and Development and the Oregon Department of Transportation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, has developed the Place Types land use classification tool.

The tool provides a better understanding of land use and transportation interactions that is intended to help local jurisdictions make more informed policy decisions.  Land use decisions influence the transportation choices that individuals make, and ultimately affect the overall amount of vehicle travel in a region.  Place Types are a data-driven way to classify and visualize the many aspects of land use-transportation interactions embodied in our land use plans, allowing us to measure the impact of land use changes on transportation outcomes.

Place Types Overview

Area Type (or Regional Role) describes the inter-dependencies of each neighborhood compared to the rest of the region, e.g. how centered is it to jobs in the region.  The Area Type is measured by the accessibility to Destinations (jobs accessible from TAZ), Density (jobs and households per acre), and walkable street Design (multi-modal network links).

Development Type (or Neighborhood Character) is used to describe the physical characteristics of each neighborhood in isolation.  Development Type is determined by the Density (jobs and households per acre), walkable street Design (multi-modal network links), land use Diversity (ratio of jobs to households), and presence of transit (service level) within each neighborhood district.



 Development Type by Census Block Group



Metropolitan Area Development Type by TAZ:

Eugene-Springfield MPO:

Salem-Keizer MPO:

Albany Area MPO:

Corvallis Area MPO:


Middle Rogue MPO:

Rogue Valley MPO:

Bend MPO:

Census Block Group Web Maps:

State Map Development Type:

Metro Development Type:
*Note that Metro is shown at the Census Block Group level, which is not directly comparable to other MPO maps

For more information about Place Types, contact Cody Meyer, by phone at (503) 934-0005 or via email at cody.meyer@state.or.us.