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Regionally Significant Industrial Areas
Regionally Significant Industrial Areas
The Economic Recovery Review Council(ERRC), in coordination with local governments and private industry, will identify and designate five to 15 regionally significant areas based on the definition below and the relative importance of the areas in terms of potential long-term job creation.
A "Regionally Significant Industrial Area" is an area planned and zoned for industrial use that:
  • Contains vacant sites, including brownfields, that are suitable for the location of new industrial uses or the expansion of existing industrial uses and that collectively can provide significant additional employment in the region;
  • Has site characteristics that give the area significant competitive advantages that are difficult or impossible to replicate in the region;
  • Has superior access to transportation and freight infrastructure, including, but not limited to, rail, port, airport, multimodal freight or transshipment facilities, and other major transportation facilities or routes; and
  • Is located in close proximity to major labor markets.
Additional information on Regionally Significant Industrial Areas is available on the Business Oregon site.
The Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) will participate in identifying candidate areas for eventual designation as “regionally significant” through involvement in interagency support of the ERRC. DLCD’s role will primarily be to review nominations and provide input into agency recommendations regarding consistency with the criteria listed above.
Once an area gets designated by the ERRC as regionally significant, the local government with land use authority for the area is responsible to protect the site for industrial use and provide an opportunity for expedited local review. For more information on requirements regarding protecting industrial sites, see Section 7 of Senate Bill 766 or the Business Oregon site.
An opportunity for expedited review of industrial development within a Regionally Significant Industrial Area is required by Section 8 of Senate Bill 766, and it refers to an existing review procedure for expedited land divisions in ORS 197.365 to 197.370.
Section 7(8) of Senate Bill 766 authorizes state funding agencies to prioritize Regionally Significant Industrial Areas when deciding where to invest in needed infrastructure.
Section 11 of Senate Bill 766 gives the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) the responsibility to administer Regionally Significant Industrial Areas. LCDC has no plans to adopt administrative rules to implement the bill, but has the authority to do so if a need arises.
For more information regarding the Department of Land Conservation and Development’s role in designating and administering Regionally Significant Industrial Areas, please contact Tom Hogue, Economic Development Specialist.
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