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Landslides: Local Government
This section provides guidance to local governments in planning and mitigating landslide hazards and regulating development activities in such a way as to decrease the risk to people and property.

Goal 7 Guidelines
Statewide Planning Goal 7 provides general guidelines for both natural hazards planning and implementing natural hazards-related regulations. The Goal 7 guidelines below are relevant for landslide hazards planning and the implementation of landslide hazards-related regulations.
The Land Conservation and Development Commission adopted amendments to Goal 7 (pdf) in September 2002. The amendments took effect on June 1, 2002.
For more information on Goal 7, see the Statutory Background of this website.

Guidelines for Natural Hazards Planning
Landslide in the Coast Range
  • Areas subject to natural hazards should be evaluated as to the degree of hazard present. Proposed developments, which could be affected by a natural hazard, should be designed to avoid damage even if it means that limitations on use are imposed for developments located in the planning area.
  • Plans taking into account known areas of natural disasters and hazards should consider as a major determinant, the carrying capacity of the air, land and water resources of the planning area. The land conservation and development actions contemplated by such plans should not exceed the carrying capacity of such resources.
  • Planning for known areas of natural disasters and hazards should include an evaluation of the beneficial impact on natural resources and the environment from letting such events naturally reoccur.

Guidelines for Implementation of Hazards-Related Regulatiions
  • When locating developments in areas of known natural hazards, the density or intensity of the development should be limited by the degree of the natural hazard.
  • When regulatory programs and engineering projects are being considered, the impacts of each should be considered.
  • Natural hazard damage that can occur as a result of new developments, such as an increase in water runoff from paving projects or soil slippage due to weak foundation soils, should be considered, evaluated and accommodated in order to avoid damage to neighboring properties.

Existing Ordinances
This section is intended to provide a summary of existing hazards-related ordinances in Oregon that exemplify the principles contained in Goal 7 and that can serve as models for local governments in the development of hazard ordinances.