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Floods: Technical Information
Elevation Certificates
Kylos Restaurant, Lincoln City
Elevation Certificates/Surveyors Tutorial: Elevation certificates are required for all new construction and substantial improvements with the 100 year floodplain.
Local governments are required under the NFIP to obtain elevation certificates that indicate the elevation of the lowest floor for as-built construction.
Local governments may also require preliminary elevation certificates that show the proposed elevation of lowest floor. Note that lowest floor in this context means the lowest floor of the lowest enclosed area (including basement). An unfinished or flood resistant enclosure, usable solely for parking of vehicles, building access or storage, in an area other than a basement area, is not considered a building’s lowest floor.

Working on a Letter of Map Amendment or Letter of Map Revision based on Fill?
FEMA has background information, tutorials, and the necessary federal forms available on its website.
Remember that neither DLCD nor your local government has authority to approve LOMAs or LOMR-Fs.

Retrofitting of Flood-prone Residences

FEMA Forms/Documents
Looking for a particular federal form or FEMA publication? Go here:
Click here for FEMA's on-line publications catalog

FEMA Technical Bulletin Series
FEMA has produced a series of technical bulletins that address various NFIP issues in some detail. Here are the bulletins currently available in the series: