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Wildfire in Oregon
Wildfires are a natural hazard that occur in Oregon, particularly during the dryer months of summer and fall. The combination of ample fuel, dry climate and either lightening or man-made caused combustion means Oregon will experience wildfires annually somewhere in the state.
Wildfire poses a significant threat to many Oregon communities. People living in Oregon are more vulnerable to wildfires than in the past because more homes are located in and near forests or other types of flammable vegetation. It has been calculated that there are approximately 240,000 homes located in areas where the risk from wildfire is high.
Wildfires have caused tremendous destruction in Oregon. Since 1900, more than 2,000,000 acres have burned. The cost to Oregonians has been very high in terms of burned timber, the loss of other natural resources, lost timber jobs, the tax dollars spent in suppressing wildfires, the damage to homes and property, and in some cases, the loss of life.
In planning to reduce the risks from wildfires, counties have taken steps to address wildfire issues using Oregon’s Statewide Planning Goals. Statewide Planning Goal 4, Forest Lands, emphasizes the need to conserve forest resources by maintaining the forest land base. The Goal 4 Rule (Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 660, Division 6) contains several provisions designed to protect both forest resources and dwellings located within Oregon’s forests.
This section of the Department of Land Conservation and Development’s website will be expanded over time to help Oregonians and their local governments prepare for wildfires.
Click here for Internet links that provide information about wildfires, wildfire prevention measures and emergency preparedness. A greater awareness and understanding about wildfires will make us better prepared in case wildfire strikes.

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