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OPAC Working Groups
Oregon's Ocean Policy Advisory Council performs much of its work in smaller groups. None of these groups has any added authority over that of OPAC itself, and all decisions and positions of OPAC are developed and made or taken by the entire council. The Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) is the only subgroup of OPAC that is legislatively mandated. The Executive Committee is established under OPAC's adopted Operating Procedures.  Other groups, standing or ad hoc, are established by the council as needed. The topical working groups are ad hoc subgroups and are named to address specific issues. Members of these groups are members of OPAC or may be any other individuals with knowledge of the issues.
It is the intent of OPAC that all of the topical working group meetings be open and available to the public. However, these meetings are intended as working sessions among a fairly small number of persons, and logistic arrangements may not support many added observers. Contact information for the working group chairs is included below so that the public may contact them. Meeting dates and other working group logistical information will be posted on the web site as is feasible. 
Executive Committee
The OPAC Executive Committee is defined in the Operating Procedures as the Chair, Vice Chair, STAC Chair, Governor's Office Representative and an At-Large Voting OPAC Member. These individuals are presently Scott McMullen, David Allen, Shelby Walker, Gabriela Goldfarb, and a Jena Carter. The Executive Committee meets between OPAC meetings to develop agendas for the larger group, and to address other administrative issues as needed. 
Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee
Scientific and Technical advice is brought to OPAC via the legislatively-mandated Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC). The authorizing legislation includes Oregon's Ocean Resources Management Law (ORS 196) and House Bill 3013.  This committee is chaired by the representative from Oregon Sea Grant, Shelby Walker. The committee itself acts as a broker:  when OPAC needs scientific or technical advice on an issue, the STAC identifies appropriate experts and engages their assistance. Sea Grant’s vision of the process, which was adopted by OPAC (07.19.2010), is presented in a brief paper on the formation and functions of the STAC. 

STAC Membership:

The governor-appointed Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) works with the public to make recommendations on issues of ocean policy ranging from ocean-based energy generation plans to developing marine reserves in the territorial sea. By statute, the Oregon Sea Grant director serves as permanent chair of the council's Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) and under OPAC rules serves as a member of the Council's Executive Board. Current STAC committee members are:

  • Shelby Walker (Oregon Sea Grant), Chair
  • Jack Barth (Oregon State University, College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences)
  • Veronica Dujon (Portland State University, Department of Sociology)
  • Elise Granek, (Portland State University, Environmental Science and Resources)
  • Selina Heppell (Oregon State University, Fisheries and Wildlife)
  • Jan Hodder (University of Oregon, Center for Ocean Science Education/Oregon Institute of Marine Biology)
  • William Jaeger (Oregon State University, Agricultural and Resource Economics)
  • Dave Sampson (Oregon State University, College of Fisheries and Wildlife, ODFW)
  • Gil Sylvia (Oregon State University, Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station/Agricultural and Resource Economics)
  • Craig Young (University of Oregon, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology)
STAC Meetings:

STAC meetings are open to the public, though space in the meeting room is limited. There will not be a public comment period at the meetings. Meeting agendas and summaries are posted below (if available).
At the request of the Marine Reserves Working Group (MRWG), the Science and Technical
Advisory Committee (STAC) of Oregon’s Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) held a
workshop on marine reserve size and spacing to address the need for guidelines that can be used
in the site proposal process. Thirty-one scientists and advisors, along with five support staff, met at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB) in Charleston on April 10, and half the day on
April 11. The workshop was open to the public, but public comment was not solicited due to
time constraints. Meeting participants included marine biologists, oceanographers, fishermen
with nearshore experience, and scientists who were directly involved with the development of
marine reserve design recommendations in California.
Final Workshop Report
The Science and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) of Oregon’s Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) will hold a two-day workshop to assess the status of economic data and analysis with regard to siting and management of marine reserves in Oreogn waters, and to reach a series of findings and conclusions regarding the availability and adequacy of data.
Workshop Agenda
Invited Workshop Participants
Final Report 
Territorial Sea Plan Working Group - Rocky Shores Management

​The Oregon Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC), in accordance with its duties authorized in ORS 196.448 through ORS 196.453, has initiated a review of the Oregon Territorial Sea Plan (TSP) with the intention of recommending amendments to Part Three: Rocky Shores Management Strategy.  OPAC will submit any recommendations for amending the TSP to the Land Conservation and Development Commission, which is responsible for adopting amendments to the TSP through a rule making process.
OPAC has established a Territorial Sea Plan Work Group (TSPWG) as a technical advisory committee to conduct the review and to draft amendment recommendations for its consideration.  The Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) will assist OPAC as required under ORS 196.435, and will administer the TSPWG meetings.

The Territorial Sea Plan (TSP) Working Group was originally chartered at the May 22, 2008 OPAC meeting, and reestablished at the December 3rd 2015 meeting.  The working group charged with developing a set of recommendations for updates to the Territorial Sea Plan, which will be specifically focused on making recommendations regarding updates to the Rocky Shores Management Strategy.  The group is chaired by Robin Hartmann.  Working Group members are: Chris Castelli, Laurel Hillmann, David Fox, Andy Lanier, Charlie Plybon, David Allen, and Scott McMullen

Contact Information:

  • Robin Hartmann may be contacted by email at robinhartmann@msn.com and by telephone at 541-672-3694. 
  • Andy Lanier is staffing the effort and may be contacted by email at Andy.Lanier@state.or.us and by telephone at (503) 934-0072. 


Upcoming Meetings:

The Territorial Sea Plan Working Group Meetings are announced and documented on the OPAC Homepage


There are no scheduled meetings of the work group at this time. 


Past Meetings of the TSPWG on Rocky Shores Management

TSP Working Group Meeting - October 20, 2017
TSP Working Group meeting - November 22, 2016

TSP Working Group meeting - July 26, 2016

TSP Working Group meeting - June 7, 2016


TSP Working Group meeting - May 13, 2016


Territorial Sea Plan Working Group - Marine Renewable Energy (Archive)

The Territorial Sea Plan Working Group undertook an effort regarding the amendment of the Territorial Sea Plan for Marine Renewable Energy.  The archive of meeting materials associated with that effort is available below.    
Public Work Sessions of the TSPWG:
Listed below is a schedule of the TSPWG work group sessions during round 1 of this phase in the Amendment process.  Round 2 of the public work sessions was held as part of the Amendment process and took place during February and March of 2012, Click Here for More Info.  

Past Meetings of the TSPWG: 
TSP Working Group meeting - Tuesday, July 26, 2011
TSP Working Group meeting - Thursday, April 7, 2011
TSP Working Group meeting - Friday, March 4, 2011
TSP Working Group meeting on Friday, January 21, 2011
Link to the Territorial Sea Plan Advisory Committee Meetings 
TSP Working Group meeting on Friday, May 15, 2009
TSP Working Group meeting on Tuesday, April 21, 2009
TSP Working Group meeting on Thursday, March 19, 2009
TSP Working Group meeting on Wednesday, February 11, 2009
TSP Working Group meeting on Thursday, January 8, 2009.
TSP Working Group meeting on August 18, 2008
TSP Study Group meeting on February 26, 2008

Marine Reserves Working Group
The Marine Reserves Working Group was established to work on the topic of setting marine reserved policy for the state.  It wass chaired by Frank Warrens. Other members from OPAC included Paul Engelmeyer, Jim Good, Robin Hartmann, Jim Bergeron, Jack Brown, and Brad Pettinger. Additional members include Cristen Don (Department of Fish & Wildlife), Randy Henry (State Marine Board), Laurel Hillmann (Parks and Recreation Department), Paul Klarin (Department of Land Conservation and Development), Jeff Kroft (Department of State Lands),  Roy Lowe (US Fish & Wildlife Service), and Cathy Tortorici(National Marine Fisheries Service).  Meeting summaries are posted below.
May 21, 2008, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, Charleston
June 20, 2008, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Salem
**NEW** Final Marine Reserves Policy Recommendations
Marine Reserves Policy Recommendations 
Information on Marine Reserves in Oregon
This website, produced by the Oregon Coastal Management Program, will provide links to information about marine reserves and Oregon’s marine environment, and provides assistance with the ongoing proposal process.

Federal Liaison Committee
The OPAC Federal Liaison Committee was created to improve communications between the council and federal agencies with ocean responsibilities. OPAC can get opinions on pending OPAC positions or decisions from the federal perspective and also be kept up to date on federal initiatives. The committee members need to be determined, as it has been years since it met.  Kris Wall (NOAA OCM) has functioned in the role of the primary Liason to the Council. 
Wave Energy Working Group
The Wave Energy Working Group was active prior to the the public process to amend the Territorial Sea Plan for marine renewable energy was undertaken.  The group was chaired by Robin Hartmann. Other members from OPAC included David Allen, Jack Brown, Terry Thompson, Fred Sickler, Onno Husing, Paul Slyman, and Scott McMullen. Additional members include Jonathan Allan (DOGAMI), Dale Blanton (DLCD), Jeff Kroft (DSL), and Justin Klure(DOE).  Meeting summaries and documents from their efforts are posted below.