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LCDC Meeting Reports, January 13-14, 2016

LCDC Meeting Reports January 13-14, 2016

Agenda Item 1 - Approve Agenda (Action)

Agenda Item 2 - Public Comment
This part of the agenda is for comments on topics not scheduled elsewhere on the agenda. The chair may set time limits (usually three minutes) for individual speakers. The maximum time for all public comments under this agenda item will be limited to 30 minutes. If you bring written summaries or other materials to the meeting please provide the commission assistant with 20 copies prior to your testimony. The commission is unable to take action, at this meeting, on items brought to their attention in this forum.

Agenda Item 3 – Assessment of Transportation and Land Use Plans in the Rogue Valley Metropolitan Are
Staff from the department and the Rogue Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization will present the ongoing regional project evaluating long term impacts of transportation and land use plans, especially impacts on greenhouse gas pollution.

Agenda Item 3 - RVMPO Strategic Assessment for LCDC Presentation

Agenda Item 4 – *Metropolitan Area Transportation Planning and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets has been postponed

Agenda Item 5 – Southern Oregon Regional Pilot Project
Jackson County will provide the commission with an update on the Southern Oregon Regional Pilot Project.

Agenda Item 6 – Minor and Technical Rule Amendments
The commission will conduct a public hearing for possible adoption of proposed permanent rule amendments to Oregon Administrative Rule chapter 660, divisions 4 (Goal 2 Exceptions Process), 6 (Forest Lands), 25 (Periodic Review), and 33 (Agricultural Land). The purposes of these proposed amendments are to conform rules to new legislation and make other minor and technical updates.

Agenda Item 6 - Exhibit 1

Agenda Item 6 - Exhibit 2

Agenda Item 7 – Rulemaking – Rural Roads
The commission will conduct a public hearing for possible adoption of proposed permanent rules amending OAR chapter 660, division 27 (Urban and Rural Reserves in the Portland Metropolitan Area). The purpose of the proposed amendments is to authorize in a rural reserve modifications to an unconstructed transportation facility that was authorized by an exception to Statewide Planning Goals 3, 4, 11 or 14. Following public testimony, the commission may adopt proposed amendments.

Agenda Item 7 - Supplemental Packet

Agenda Item 8 – Commission Business
The commission will receive a Budget and Management subcommittee report and other commission business.

Agenda Item 9 – Regional Solutions Team Update
The Southern Oregon Regional Solutions Team will brief the commission on a few key projects.

Agenda Item 9 - Medford Presentation

Agenda Item 10 – City of Medford Update
City of Medford staff will provide the commission with a briefing of recent projects including the current urban growth boundary amendment effort.

Agenda Item 11 – Legislative Briefing
The commission will receive a briefing from staff on the upcoming 2016 legislative session and development of concepts for the 2017 legislative session.

Agenda Item 12 – Director’s Report
The commission will receive an update by the director on recent matters concerning the department.

Agenda Item 13 – Request to Appeal – Placeholder
State law requires commission approval of a DLCD director’s decision to seek review of a local government land use decision. Only the director or department staff on the director’s behalf, the applicant, and the affected local government may submit written or oral testimony concerning commission approval of a director’s recommendation to file or pursue an appeal, or intervention in an appeal, of a land use decision, expedited land division, or limited land use decision. This item is scheduled as a placeholder if the department makes such a request.

Agenda Item 14 – Other Business
The commission reserves this time, if needed, for other business.


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If you would like other materials for the above meeting please contact the Commission Assistant:

Amie Abbott, (503) 934-0045
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