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LCDC Meeting Reports, March 10-11, 2016

LCDC Meeting Reports March 10-11, 2016

Item 1 Approve Agenda

Item 2 Public Comment
This part of the agenda is for comments on topics not scheduled elsewhere on the agenda. The chair may set time limits (usually three minutes) for individual speakers. The maximum time for all public comments under this agenda item will be limited to 30 minutes. If you bring written summaries or other materials to the meeting please provide the commission assistant with 20 copies prior to your testimony. The commission is unable to take action, at this meeting, on items brought to their attention in this forum.

Item 3 Commission Business
The commission will receive a Budget and Management subcommittee report and other commission business.

Item 4 Director’s Report
The commission will receive an update by the director on recent matters concerning the department.

Item 5 Territorial Sea Plan: Rocky Shore Management Strategy
The Oregon Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) has initiated the process to amend the Oregon Territorial Sea Plan (TSP) Part Three: Rocky Shore Management Strategy in accordance with the requirements established in that section. The OPAC working group has been tasked with conducting the review and recommendation process which is envisioned to require at least three years to complete. The process will result in recommendations to state agencies that manage rocky shore areas and resources, as well as the changes to TSP Part Three, which requires amending OAR 660-036. The OCMP Marine Affairs Coordinator will staff the working group.

Item 6 Integrating and Applying Natural Hazards Data in Curry County
Department staff will brief the Commission on a new effort to work with Curry County and state and federal agency partners to integrate natural hazards maps and data from several different sources, and then to apply that information through comprehensive plan policies and development regulations. This project is funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency through the Risk Mapping, Analysis and Planning (Risk MAP) program.

Item 7 Regional Solution Team
The Coos-Curry-Douglas Regional Solutions Team will report on the priorities set by the South Coast-Umpqua Regional Solutions Advisory Committee and specific projects that the team has been working on.

12:30 p.m. – Regional Tour
The commission tour will include a stop at a site at the south end of Gold Beach, overlooking the Sebastian Shores subdivision, to discuss coastal erosion at the site.  Next, the commission will visit the construction site of the new Curry General Hospital in downtown Gold Beach and talk about Tsunami readiness. Then, the bus will take us to the County Courthouse to hear from county officials regarding the GIS tools that they have been developing for their public website, in collaboration with DLCD’s Geospatial Enterprise Office. The final stop in the tour will be the Gold Rush Center on Highway 101 in Gold Beach.  The Gold Rush Center is a commercial project that has repurposed a former school building that is now a center for art, health, food and fitness.

The tour bus will leave from the Curry County Fairgrounds. The community is invited to tour with the commission, but have to supply their own mode of transportation.

Item 8 Metropolitan Area Transportation Planning and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets
The department will present plans for an upcoming project addressing two related topics:
• Review of the rules and processes that coordinate land use and transportation planning in metropolitan areas (OAR Chapter 660, Division 12)
• Updating the targets for reducing greenhouse gas pollution in metropolitan areas (OAR Chapter 660, Division 44).

Item 8 Public Testimony

Item 9 Rulemaking-Minor and Technical Amendments
The commission will conduct a public hearing for possible adoption of proposed permanent rule amendments to Oregon Administrative Rule chapter 660, division 33. The purposes of these proposed amendments are to conform rules to new legislation and make other minor and technical updates.

Item 10 2016 Legislative Session Briefing
The commission will receive a report from department staff on the 2016 legislative session.

Item 10 2016 Legislative Briefing Supplemental Report

Item 11 Proposed 2017 Legislative Concepts
The department is seeking commission authorization to propose legislative concepts for the 2017 session. Concepts must be filed with Department of Administrative Services by April 15, 2016.

Item 12 Request to Appeal
State law requires commission approval of a DLCD director’s decision to seek review of a local government land use decision. Only the director or department staff on the director’s behalf, the applicant, and the affected local government may submit written or oral testimony concerning commission approval of a director’s recommendation to file or pursue an appeal, or intervention in an appeal, of a land use decision, expedited land division, or limited land use decision. This item is scheduled as a placeholder as the department does not anticipate making such a request.

Item 13 Other Business
The commission reserves this time, if needed, for other business.


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If you would like other materials for the above meeting please contact the Commission Assistant:

Amie Abbott, (503) 934-0045
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