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LCDC Meeting Reports September 21-22, 2017

LCDC Meeting Reports September 21-22, 2017

Item 1 Approve Agenda

Item 2 Public Comment
This part of the agenda is for comments on topics not scheduled elsewhere on the agenda. The chair may set time limits (usually three minutes) for individual speakers. The maximum time for all public comments under this agenda item will be limited to 30 minutes. If you bring written summaries or other materials to the meeting please provide the commission assistant with 20 copies prior to your testimony. The commission is unable to take action, at this meeting, on items brought to their attention in this forum.

Item 2 Exhibit 1

Item 3 2017-2019 Policy Agenda
Department staff will present a revised Policy Agenda for the 2017-2019 biennium, reflecting public comment, commission input, and rulemaking required by the 2017 Legislature. The Policy Agenda directs department work and reflects the guidance provided by the DLCD Strategic Plan and the   commission.

Exhibit 1

Item 4 Information Management Modernization Initiative Summary: Data and Tools for Our   Stakeholders
The commission will receive a presentation about the Information Management Modernization   Initiative (IMMI) that formally concluded June 30, 2017. This 5-year initiative was a significant effort by the department to modernize agency information resources. Staff will report on data and tools that provide the department, the public, and local jurisdictions with easier access to planning information for improved and more informed decision- making. Staff will also report on the future of information resources at DLCD now that IMMI has come to a close.

Item 4 Exhibit 1

Item 5 Eastern Regional Solutions Team  Briefing
Members of the Northeast Oregon Regional Solutions Team will provide LCDC with a briefing on recent and ongoing work in the region.

Regional Tour
The commission tour will focus on community development activities, natural resources use and recreation oportunities present in and around the Grande Ronde Valley. The commission will learn about the opportunities and challenges for cities and counties in northeast Oregon. The tour is intended to provide the commission with information and experiences specific to Union County and in general to Eastern Oregon.

The Land Conservation and Development Commission will hold a community roundtable discussion regarding local and regional land use issues.
Item 6 Sage Grouse Annual Report and Development Registry Demonstration
Department staff will provide a briefing on the first annual report delivered to the commission, the Governor's office, and counties regarding development in sage-grouse core habitat in eastern Oregon.  The briefing will preview the new sage-grouse development registry used by local and state jurisdictions to track development projects in core habitat areas. Pete Baki, Greater Sage-Grouse Mitigation Coordinator with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, will provide background information on Secretarial Order 3353 and provide an update on the progress and work completed under the order.

Item 7 Schedule and Criteria for Annual Director's Evaluation
The commission will begin the annual director's evaluation; the subcommittee will recommend a schedule and criteria for conducting evaluation, and the public will have an opportunity to   comment.

Item 8 Affordable Housing Pilot Project - Status Update
Department staff will brief the commission on outreach efforts and potential candidates for the Affordable Housing Pilot Program, developed in response to HB 4079 (2016). Staff will announce the new pre-application deadline of November 1, 2017.

Item 9 Adoption of Criteria for a Land Use Final Order for TriMet Southwest MAX Corridor Light Rail Project (HB 3202)
House Bill 3202, enacted by the 2017 Legislative Assembly, requires the commission to establish criteria to be used by the Metro Council to adopt a land use final order approving project improvements and locations for the Southwest Corridor MAX Light Rail Project. The commission will hold a hearing and may adopt an order establishing criteria.

Item 9 Exhibit 1

Item 9 Exhibit 2

Item 9 Exhibit 3

Item 9 Exhibit 4

Commission Order 001887 - Establishing criteria for land use decisions regarding the Southwest Corridor MAX Light Rail Project

Item 10 Director's Report
The commission will receive an update by the director on recent matters concerning the department.

Item 11 Commission Business
The commission will receive a Budget and Management subcommittee report and other commission    business.

Item 12 Placeholder Request to Appeal
State law requires commission approval of a DLCD director’s decision to seek review of a local government land use decision. Only the director or department staff on the director’s behalf, the applicant, and the affected local government may submit written or oral testimony concerning commission approval of a director’s recommendation to file or pursue an appeal, or intervention in an appeal, of a land use decision, expedited land division, or limited land use decision. This item is scheduled as a placeholder as the department does not anticipate making such a request.

Item 13 Other Business
The commission reserves this time, if needed, for other business.

Item 14 Agency Brief for Jackson County Solar Appeal

Item 14 - Exhibit 1

Item 15 Appeal of Clackamas County PAPA 

Item 15 - Exhibit 1

Item 15 - Exhibit 2

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