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LCDC Meeting Reports, November 17-18, 2016

LCDC Meeting Reports November 17-18, 2016

Item 1 Approve Agenda

Item 2 Public Comment
This part of the agenda is for comments on topics not scheduled elsewhere on the agenda. The chair may set time limits (usually three minutes) for individual speakers. The maximum time for all public comments under this agenda item will be limited to 30 minutes. If you bring written summaries or other materials to the meeting please provide the commission assistant with 20 copies prior to your testimony. The commission is unable to take action, at this meeting, on items brought to their attention in this forum.

Item 3 Rulemaking – Affordable Housing Pilot Program Update
Department staff will provide the commission with an update on the UGB affordable housing pilot program required by HB 4079 (2016), including progress made by a rulemaking advisory committee. Staff from the University of Oregon, Community Service Center will present findings from the research it has conducted on contract for the department to inform the rulemaking and increase knowledge of housing market dynamics in Oregon, barriers to affordable housing, cost contributors to housing, and tools to address barriers to affordable housing.

Item 3 - Presentation
Item 4 Central Oregon Housing Update
A panel of housing professionals will provide the commission with information and perspective on housing issues in Central Oregon. The panel will provide an overview of past trends and future projections related to changing demographics, population growth, and housing needs and affordability; a description of a local non-profit’s efforts to address the need for affordable housing; and a prospective from builders on the challenges of keeping costs down in a rapidly growing region.

Item 4 - Presentation

Item 4 - Presentation 2

Item 4 - Presentation 3
Item 5 Central Oregon Region and Regional Solutions Team Updates
The commission will receive a briefing by department staff and members of the Central Oregon Regional Solutions Team (RST). Department staff will provide an update on department specific projects and initiatives around the region followed by an overview from RST representatives on other regionally significant projects with a land use element.
Regional Tour

Item 6 Rulemaking – Goal 5 Historic Resources
The commission will hold a public hearing regarding proposed permanent rule amendments to Oregon Administrative Rule 660-023-0020, “Historic Resources,” a rule implementing part of Statewide Planning Goal 5, “Natural Resources, Scenic and Historic Areas, and Open Spaces.” The purposes of the proposed rule amendments are to (1) clarify minimum requirements for local protection of sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places, (2) align state and federal requirements regarding National Register sites, and (3) provide a definition of “property owner” to provide clarity for implementation of owner consent statutes. Department staff will be accompanied by Ian Johnson, Associate Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, OPRD.


Item 6 - Exhibit D

Item 6 - Exhibit E

Item 6 - Exhibit F

Item 6 - Exhibit G

Item 6 - Exhibit H

Item 6 - Exhibit I

Item 6 - Exhibit J

Item 6 - Exhibit K

Item 6 - Exhibit L

Item 6 - Exhibit M

Item 6 - Exhibit N

Item 6 - Exhibit O

Item 6 - Exhibit P

Item 6 - Exhibit Q

Item 6 - Exhibit R
Item 7  Rulemaking – Periodic Review Replacement
The commission will hold a public hearing and consider adoption of proposed permanent rule amendments to Oregon Administrative Rule chapter 660, divisions 25 and 38 (Simplified Urban Growth Boundary Method). The purpose of these proposed amendments is to develop an alternative to periodic review for cities that amended their urban growth boundary using the new simplified method in Oregon Administrative Rules chapter 660, division 38.

Item 8 Sage Grouse Central Registry Update
The commission adopted OAR 660-023-0115 (the “sage-grouse rule”) in July 2015. The rule directed DLCD to maintain a central registry to track anthropogenic disturbance in core sage-grouse habitat. The commission will receive a briefing regarding the form and function of the central registry and a projection for its completion.

Item 8 - Presentation
Item 9 Best Practices Scorecard
The commission will consider preliminary results of the Best Practices Assessment Scorecard completed by each commissioner prior to the commission meeting. The final determinations made at this meeting will provide the commission’s annual response to the Best Practices Key Performance Measure and summarized in the upcoming Annual Performance Progress Report.

Item 10 Rulemaking – Metropolitan Transportation Planning
Department staff will brief the commission on the work of an advisory committee considering two issues regarding transportation planning in metropolitan areas:
• Amendments to sections of the Transportation Planning Rules (OAR 660-012) to streamline requirements to increase transportation choices and integrate voluntary greenhouse gas reduction efforts.
• Amendments to Metropolitan Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets (OAR 660-044) to set targets for the years 2040 through 2050.
Item 11 Commission Business
The commission will receive a Budget and Management subcommittee report and other commission business.
Item 12 Director’s Report
The commission will receive an update by the director on recent matters concerning the department.
Item 13 Request to Appeal
State law requires commission approval of a DLCD director’s decision to seek review of a local government land use decision. Only the director or department staff on the director’s behalf, the applicant, and the affected local government may submit written or oral testimony concerning commission approval of a director’s recommendation to file or pursue an appeal, or intervention in an appeal, of a land use decision, expedited land division, or limited land use decision. This item is scheduled as a placeholder as the department does not anticipate making such a request.

Item 14 Other Business
The commission reserves this time, if needed, for other business.


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If you would like other materials for the above meeting please contact the Commission Assistant:

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