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Research & Reports

Research & Reports

Driven Apart: How Sprawl Is Lengthening Our Commutes
In Driven Apart: How Sprawl Is Lengthening Our Commutes and Why Misleading Mobility Measures Are Making Things Worse, Portland economist Joe Cortright criticizes the Texas Transportation Institute's Urban Mobility Report (UMR), which is often used to justify expenditures for more roads and highways. Cortright observes that the UMR ignores the impact of sprawl and travel distances on traffic congestion. He calls for a greater focus on accessibility -- the proximity and convenience of destinations -- and less emphasis on flawed, misleading mobility measures.

Freedom from Oil: Policy Solutions from the Livable Communities Task Force

Noting that transportation is the second largest budget item after housing for many American households, Freedom from Oil describes policy options for reducing the United States' reliance on expensive foreign oil. The report argues that improving such transportation options as transit, walking, and bicycling would help to reduce community vulnerability to oil price shocks.

National Bicycling & Walking Study: 15-Year Status Report, May 2010, FHWA

The U.S. Department of Transportation released new data on June 16, 2010 showing that both bicycling and walking trips have increased by 25% since 2001. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)-funded Pedestrian & Bicycling Information Center included this data in The National Bicycling and Walking Study: A 15-Year Status Report.

TGM Planning's Tangible Results

The following TGM Tangibles reports highlight projects that have been built resulting from TGM grants.

TGM Tangibles Report Volume I
TGM Tangibles Report Volume II