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Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee

At-large Recruitment

Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) and the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) are seeking a volunteer to serve as a member of the state’s Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee (CIAC) representing the citizens of Oregon in an At-large capacity. The CIAC is appointed by the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) to advise LCDC on citizen involvement in land use planning.
CIAC is a permanent committee established by state law (ORS 197.160) and its work centers on Statewide Planning Goal 1: Citizen Involvement. The committee furthers citizen involvement in land use planning through activities such as:
  • Advising LCDC on all matters concerning citizen involvement in Oregon land use planning and the statewide planning program
  • Advising local governments about ways to enhance citizen involvement in communities
  • Writing and distributing materials to educate and inform Oregonians about citizen involvement in land use planning
  • Gathering and disseminating information about citizen involvement techniques
  • Reviewing local government plans and programs concerning citizen involvement
CIAC is comprised of eight volunteers, one from each of Oregon’s five Congressional Districts and three at-large positions. Committee members must be available for meetings every other month and have sufficient time for the committee’s work. Regular travel is not a requirement of this position and meetings are often held via teleconference. Travel once per quarter to Salem is encouraged of all members.
LCDC appoints committee members to four-year terms. This open position fills a currently vacant seat.
Interested individuals are welcome to contact any of the current CIAC members for further information about duties and activities.
Completed applications must be received at DLCD by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, September 30, 2015. The department and CIAC will interview finalists and will make a recommendation to LCDC for action at its December 2015 meeting.
Application Materials:
  • Resume;
  • One letter of recommendation;
  • Three references; and
  • Answers to the four questions below.
 Application Questions:
  1. Please explain why you are interested in this position.
  2. Please describe your experience with community planning or community involvement committees.
  3. What qualifications and experience do you have in writing, editing, or producing educational materials?
  4. Please describe any involvement you have had with state, regional, or local advisory boards.
Please send application materials to:
Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development
Attn:  Casaria Taylor
635 Capitol St. NE, Suite 150
Salem, Oregon 97301
Or you can submit your application by:
Fax: (503) 378-5518
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About CIAC

Marina at Detroit Lake
Citizens of Oregon often ask how they can participate in the statewide land use planning program. The system, after all, is complex and can be cumbersome and intimidating.

The CIAC operates, in part, to provide a regular forum where citizens around the state can share their experiences and find information.

The CIAC is supported in this effort by the department´s staff, Sadie Carney, who helps citizens and professionals alike find easier ways to:
  • Access planning information;
  • Demystify planning and legal processes;
  • Put you in touch with staff and public records; and
  • Foster an interaction with the department and its public policy decision-making body, the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC).

This website has been designed to help citizens and citizen planners, who often ask for a Statewide Planning 101 course. Beyond the basics, you can also learn about how citizens of Oregon are actively involved in protecting the citizen involvement process, promoting and challenging the statewide land use program, finding new avenues of expression and involvement in critical land use planning issues, and expanding citizen involvement around the state.
Online citizen’s guides (see the Publications page ) will also show you how to work with the program’s 19 Statewide Planning Goals and Oregon administrative rules. They also will help you to better understand how federal programs and executive initiatives influence the way that statewide land use planning, development and conservation are being achieved in Oregon.
Each city and county comprehensive plan includes a Citizen Involvement Program (CIP), which describes how the public can participate in each phase of the planning process. Local governments must periodically evaluate their efforts to involve citizens, and, if necessary, update their programs. These requirements are established in Goal 1, Citizen Involvement:
  1. A Committee for Citizen Involvement (CCI) be established to monitor citizen involvement;
  2. A Citizen Involvement Program (CIP) be adopted, providing for involvement in all phases of the planning process; and
  3. The CIP be reviewed periodically to assure that opportunities continue to be provided.
ORS 197 established the state´s Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee (CIAC) to advise LCDC and local governments on matters pertaining to citizen involvement.
CIAC is a permanent committee established by this statute. CIAC is only an advisory body; it has no explicit or implied authority over any local government or state agency. It does not set policy nor review local land use plans or decisions.
The CIAC has eight volunteer members, one from each of Oregon´s five Congressional Districts and three chosen at-large. Committee members are appointed to four-year terms by LCDC.

CIAC´s chair is elected, by the committee´s members, for a term of one year. The committee meets every other month alternating between meeting in Salem and meeting electronically.

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Meeting Schedule

The meetings of the Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee are open to the public. Persons wishing to participate may address the committee during the agenda item "Public Comment" and other designated agenda items. Persons wishing to address the committee should consult the meeting agenda for further information.


​Date ​Location ​Agenda

​February 5, 2015
9am - 12pm

​Salem ​Agenda
​April 24, 2015
9am - 12pm
​Salem Agenda
​June 11, 2015
9am - 12pm
​Salem Agenda
​August 6, 2015
9am - 12pm
​Salem Agenda
​October 1, 2015
9am - 12pm


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Current Members



​Member ​District ​Appointed ​Term Expires
​Amy Scheckla-Cox ​District 1 ​May 2013 ​April 2017
​Phil Stenbeck ​District 2 ​July 2014 ​July 2018
​Steve Faust (Chair) ​District 3 ​May 2013 ​April 2017
​Gregory McClarren ​District 4 ​March 2008 ​December 2018
​Lisa Phipps (Vice-chair) ​District 5 ​May 2013 ​April 2017
​Marissa Grass ​At-large ​July 2014 ​July 2018
​Jerry Gerspach ​At-large ​July 2014 ​July 2018
Vacant as of Sept. 2014 ​At-large ​March 2012 ​December 2015


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