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Take Care of Mitchell Day
Mitchell is known as The Gateway to the Painted Hills
The Painted Hills
In January of 2008, Governor Kulongoski sent a letter to all state agencies asking them to participate in an array of projects to help celebrate Oregon's 150th year of statehood in 2009.
One of those projects is Take Care of Oregon Days (TCOD); an opportunity for Oregonians to roll up their sleeves and "give back" to their beautiful state.
The Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) decided to do a TCOD project in Mitchell, located in south Wheeler County. When DLCD registered the event on March 3, it made Wheeler the last county to get a TCOD project.
Take Care of Mitchell Day was held on Saturday, May 23.

Why Mitchell?
Why not?
As state agencies and other organizations began registering their projects with the volunteer organization Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism (SOLV), it became apparent that most of the Take Care of Oregon Days projects would be clustered in the Willamette Valley and on the coast.
So, wanting to do something unique, DLCD searched for a project east of the Cascades; but close enough to the western side of the state so most department staff could reach the location within a four-hour drive.
In February of 2009, DLCD contacted Mitchell's mayor (Dr. Carol Humphreys) and city clerk (Sandra Davis) about the prospect of a Take Care of Mitchell Day. The two were very excited, and once the project was registered, they spread word about it throughout the area.
Take Care of Mitchell Day was the only TCOD project east of the Cascades organized by a group west of the Cascades!

What did the Volunteers Accomplish?
Downtown Mitchell, looking west from the Little Pine Cafe and Lodge
Downtown Mitchell, looking west
About 40 people participated in the following beautification projects along Main Street:
  1. Pressure-washed and painted an aging auto shop 
  2. Planted four Quaking Aspen trees in the city’s RV park 
  3. Pruned dead limbs and collected left-behind tree cuttings 
  4. Turned above into firewood and kindling for park users; took remainder to the dump (3 pickup loads!) 
  5. Upgraded the west end ‘Welcome to Mitchell’ sign with juniper wood posts and decorative lava rock 
  6. Weeded, pruned, raked and swept (leaf blower) along Main Street

Before-and-After Photos of Auto Shop and Welcome Sign
/lcd/PublishingImages/mitchell/auto_shop_before.jpg /lcd/PublishingImages/mitchell/auto_shop_before.jpg 
/lcd/PublishingImages/mitchell/auto_shop_before.jpg /lcd/PublishingImages/mitchell/auto_shop_before.jpg 

List of Donors and Volunteers
A volunteer project such as this cannot be accomplished with hard work alone. Several people, some whom don't even live in the area, stepped up to donate items for the effort. Some donated prizes that were given away to volunteers at the conclusion of the event.
Below is a list of doners and volunteers. THANK YOU!

Metro (Portland)11 gallons of paint  
High Desert Wildwood Nursery (Prineville)4 Quaking Aspen trees  
Prineville Men's Wear $25 gift certificate  
Mr. Brock's 6th, 7th and 8th grade classesPainting Justice Building  
Alan HumphreysBlack lava rock  
Mickey DoddRed lava rock  
Betty Baisch, Linda Carter, Vernita Jordan, Ernie Critchlow, Sidewalk Cafe, Little Pine Cafe, Wheeler County Trading Company, Annette Wornell, Pat Ross, Jeff Bourland, Fisher's Upland Game Resort and Sandra Davis.Food for lunch  
Mary Fitzgerald, Dan Cannon, Painted Hills Beef, Pauper's Candle Company, Little Pine Cafe, Sidewalk Cafe, City of Mitchell Tourism Fund, Christy Hudspeth and Sandra Davis.Local prizes  
Kerrie Shortt, Betty Baisch, Tony Neill, Shawn Carter, Mary Cannon, Judy Perry, Bill Chandler, Sue Horton, Terrill Corbin, Greg Castleberry, Becky Denfeld, Ernie Critchlow, Carol Humphreys, Vernita Jordan and Bob Mair.Local labor  
Kat Anthony, Tony Anthony, Aaron Bender, Carmel Charland, Jay Charland, Matt Crall, Benjamin Crall, John Evans, Beth Evans, Alica Evans, Sarah Evans, Sandy Haffey, Valerie Haley, Rob Hallyburton, Bunny Hallyburton, Bill Holmstrom, Jon Jinings, Steve Lucker, Ed Moore, Joni Moore, Michael Morrissey, Darren Nichols, Elena Pettycrew, Christine Shirley, Cliff Voliva, Richard Whitman, Emily Whitman, Kate Whitman and Grant Young.DLCD labor (including family)  

DLCD Project Contact
DLCD's contact for this project is:
Cliff Voliva
Communications Officer
Department of Land Conservation and Development
635 Capitol St. NE, Suite 150
Salem, OR 97301-2540
Phone: (503) 373-0050 x268
Fax: (503) 378-6033