The Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) is amending some of its administrative rules.  The rule amendments are intended to modify LUBA's rules to conform them to recent legislative enactments--House Bill (HB) 3272 (2019), which amended ORS 197.830(10)(a) and ORS 197.830(15)(b), and Senate Bill (SB) 8A (2019), which adopted ORS 197.830(15)(c).  The rule amendments amend the rules regarding the Petition for Review due date after settling the record, LUBA's authority to award attorney fees, and changes the rules so a motion to take evidence no longer automatically suspends the appeal. 

LUBA's Summary of Comments on the 2019 Proposed Rule Amendments, Final Notice of Rulemaking, and Rules as Amended (effective January 1, 2020) are as follows:

         Summary of Comments