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Laws and Rules
Administrative Rules & Statutes

The Oregon Mortuary & Cemetery Board

Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) Chapter 97 | Rights & Duties pertaining to cemeteries, human bodies, and the anatomical gifts | 2017 edition ​

ORS Chapt​er 97​ | Direct link to Oregon Legislature 

Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) Chapter 830 ​| OMCB Administrative Rules | effective August 1 2017

OAR Chapter 830 | Direct link to Oregon Secretary of State

Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) Chapter 692 Regulation of Funeral Service Practitioners; Embalmers; Funeral Establishments; Cemetery and Crematory Operators| 2017 edition 

​ORS Chapter 692 | Direct link to Oregon Legislature 

Other Laws & Rules

Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) Chapter 432 | Vital Statistics: death certificates, disinterment permits, etc. | 2017 edition

Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) Chap​ter 413​​ | Vital Statistics | Direct Link to Oregon Legislature

Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, OAR 441, Division 930 (prearrangement and preconstruction plans funded by trusts) 

Bloodborne Pathogens: Questions and Answers about Occupational Exposure (OSHA) 
Oregon OSHA Fact Sheet, Blood borne Pathogens 
Administration of Estates - Probate OAR 141, Division 35 (Procedure for the administration of estates of decedents who die intestate without known heirs or with some missing heirs and to testate estates with missing heirs or missing devisees in accordance with ORS 111 through 119.)
Initiation of Estate Proceedings, ORS 113.095 (persons not qualified to act as personal representatives)
Notify State Lands within 48 hours when it appears there are no known heirs or a valid will. ORS 113.238
Oregon Land Special Assessments, ORS 308A.125 (historic cemeteries within exclusive farm use zones)
Way of necessity to historic cemeteries, ORS 376.197 
Department of Human Services, Public Health, OAR 333, Division 11 (vital statistics)
Investigations of Deaths, Injuries and Missing Persons, ORS chapter 146​
Offenses against Public Order, ORS 166.076 (abuse of a memorial to the dead) and ORS 166.085 and 166.087 (abuse of corpse)
Workers´ Compensation death benefit, ORS 656.202 and 656.204
Auto insurance death benefit​, ORS 742.520(1); 742.524(1) and (1)(d) and 742.530(1) and (1)(a) and (1)(b) 
FTC Funeral Rule, 16 CFR Part 453, Complying with the Funeral Rule, A Business Guide * 

Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) Chapter 676​​ | 676.150:  Duty to report prohibited or unprofessional conduct, arrests and convictions; investigation; confidentiality; immunity from liability| 2017 edition

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