Annual Chiropractic Assistant Re-certification/Renewal - Updated July 9, 2018

Changes to the CA renewal proces:

1. The OBCE has transitioned to a birth month renewal system - effective June 1, 2018.  
2. CAs will be notified by email only, when it is time to renew; the email will be sent  June 1.  
3. Renewal is online.
4. Fees are prorated this year (see chart below).  CE is not (see Continuing Education below).
4. No paper notice will be sent.
5. Once a certificate is renewed, the new expiration date will be the last day of the CA's birth month in 2019. 

Renewal is a multi-part process. Continuing education must be completed prior to entering the renewal application (unless you are exempt because you only received your initial CA certificate between the dates of March 1, 2018 and May 31, 2018).  The Healthcare Workforce Survey (HCWS)* is mandatory and now made a part of the online renewal process.  

RENEWAL. To log in to the renewal website, be prepared to type in your last name, your four digit CA certificate number, and the last four digits of your social security number. Have your payment method ready.  Select "Renew my certificate"  If you quit at any time prior to completing the entire process, nothing has been saved.

CLICK HERE​ to renew your certificate.

RENEWAL PERIOD. This is the last year in which ALL CAs will renew during the months of June and July.  As of January 1, 2019, everyone will renew by the last day of their birth month. Your CE, and online renewal must be complete by the renewal date, or a late fee will be assessed. 

NOTICE. You will be notified BY EMAIL (only) that it is time to renew (Make sure the email you have on file with the OBCE is your preferred email).  A link to the NEW online renewal site will be provided within that email.

FEE. The renewal fee you pay this coming June/July will be pro-rated to transition to the birth month renewal system.  The following chart shows what your fee will be this year based on your birth month. 

If your birth month is:​​ ​In June/July 2018 you will pay:
January, February, March or April ​$ 25
May, June, July or August ​$ 50
September, October, November or December ​$ 75
CONTINUING EDUCATION. A CA's annual continuing education requirement is six (6) hours. Continuing education should be completed within the 12 months immediately prior to renewal. For further guidelines about continuing education, please refer to Oregon Administrative rule 811-015-0025. You can also find optional CE resources on the OBCE's CE page.

CAs who initially licensed between March 1 and May 31 of 2018 are exempt from the six hours CE requirement; and  the renewal notice will reflect this exemption.  However, this does not exempt the CA from completing the renewal online, or making payment, or completing the Healthcare Workforce Survey. This is the last year this will be an exemption.

Board mandated CE - 2 hours Vitals for "new" CAs.  If you have not taken the one-time Vitals training, and this is your second CA renewal, these hours are due this year by July 31.  If you completed vitals training with your 12 hours "initial training" did you send your proof to the Board? If so, you have met the requirement. If not, send it now to comply.

The vitals CE must include some didactic/lecture and 20 documented checks of each of the following: blood pressure, body temperature, pulse, and respiration. A minimum of 10 people must be tested (i.e. a variety of people broadens the skill). For the purposes of the training, staff may act as the patient. Submit the log to the OBCE.

The CA's supervising DC is responsible to verify by signature the successful completion of the two hours vitals training and the 20 practical checks.  Use this PRESCRIBED FORM to record and certify completion of the CE and vitals checks.  Alternatively, if a CA attends a board-approved VITALS class, the instructor, or course representative will be verifying the lecture and/or the hands-on exercises. Submit the log to the OBCE.

For all CE activity always get documentation verifying that you attended/completed each CE activity from the course sponsor of the program, or vendor.  The proof should include # of hours completed, date completed, topic, and vendor and/or instructor. 

OHA HEALTHCARE WORKFORCE SURVEY. Pursuant to ORS 676.410 ALL Oregon licensees (DCs and CAs) must complete the Workforce survey prior to renewing their Oregon license or certificate.  Effective June 1, 2018 the survey will be inserted into the online renewal.  If you start the survey during your renewal and do not complete it or your renewal, you will need to restart from the beginning later on. 

The HCW survey will be required at each annual renewal, or until such time as the law changes. 

GRACE PERIOD.  There is a a 30-day grace period immediately following the July 31 expiration date. During the 30 days, the chiropractic assistant is able to continue to practice, BUT the late fee is incurred.  Any chiropractic assistant who has not renewed by September 1st must cease practice. After this transition period this same principle will apply to your birth month renewal (not just to the August/Sept dates).

LATE RENEWAL.  A certificate that is not renewed requires the following:
 1. Online renewal with payment of annual renewal fee, and late fee (automatically applied)
 2. Completion of Healthcare Workforce survey (request the link if you are renewing your 2017 CA certificate)
 3. Completion, and submission, of proof of CE (including any board mandates, if required)
After 12 months having failed to renew, a chiropractic assistant will need to re-apply for certification by meeting the provisions of OAR 811-010-0110 sections (2) and (3).

PAYMENT. The online renewal website will accept VISA or MasterCard debit/credit cards.

If you have any questions about CA renewal call Kelly at 503-373-1573, or email