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For Limited X-Ray Permit Applicants

Telephone inquiries about the status of your application are always welcome.  But in order to serve you better we have made the same exact information you would get over the telephone available at the following link below.​  ​ ​ ​ ​
What is the status of my Permit Application?​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Status​ Definitions
​Your application has been received into our office, but we are waiting for your fingerprint report to be returned to us.  We cannot proceed until your fingerprint report has been received and reviewed.
​​Your Permit has been issued and your are now legal to start working in Oregon.  A hard copy of your Permit is being mailed t​o the mailing address you gave us on your application. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​This status means we have not received <or> started processing your application yet.  All applications are processed in the order they are received.

O​​ur Applications & Forms are made so you can type into them.

Type in your information and then press the "TAB" key to go to the next data field you can type in.  
We want to encourage​ you to use the typing feature.  Typed applications help to eliminate possible clerical errors.  It's also a great way when you are finished to "Save a Copy" to your computer for possible future reference.​ ​

1.)​ Steps to Obtain a Limited X-Ray Permit.
2.)​ ​Limited X-Ray Examination Application.​
​3.) ​Temporary Limited X-Ray Permit Application Form.
​4.) ​Documents for Temporary Permit Holder during ​Clinicals​.
a.) Practical Experience Evaluation Requirements.​​
b.) Clinical Demonstration Checklists.
​1.)  Chest
​​2.)  Skull / Sinus​
​3.)  Extremities​
​4.)  Spine​​​
​​5.)  Podiatry​
​c.)  Peer Positioning Practical Experience Evaluation Requirements.​
d.)  On-Site Practical Experience Evaluation Form.​
e.)  Practical Experience Certificate.
5.)​ ​Permanent Limited Permit Application Form.​

LXMO Instructor Guidelines - (July 2013 approved version.)

​Renew Your Permit
Tempo​rary LXMO Permit Renewal Application​.
​Permanent LXMO Permit Renewal Application.​
​Perm​​anent Bone-D Permit Renewal Application.​
Fluoroscopy Permit Renewal Application.
Bone Densitometry Operator
​1.)  Bone-D  Permit Application Process​
​2.)  Bone-D Equipment Operator Examination Application.​​​
​3.)  Permanent Bone-D Permit Application Form.​
Physician Assistant Fluoroscopy Permit​
​1.)  Process To Obtain A Limited Fluoroscopy Permit
2.)  ​Fluoroscopy Exam Application 
​3.)  Fluoroscopy Permit Application.​
Special Requests Forms
Supplemental Criminal History Form.​​
Request A Duplicate Permit.​​
Update Your Personal Information.​
Oregon License Verification.​
Informational Worksheets
Continued Education Grid​.​
Determine The Type of Continued Education OBMI Accepts​.​
Pre 2007 & Post 2007 LXMO Positioning.​
ARRT - Limited Permit Examination Handbook.​​